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  1. greendots

    "build Your Own Pandora" Kit

    It has been asked before, but with all the required parts in the UK with Craigix, I hope we can have a definitive answer to the question: Will Openpandora ship pandora kits to customers who want to avoid longer waits? The kit would of course contain everything needed to assemble the unit. It...
  2. greendots

    Pandora Case Badges

    I think a case badge would make the Pandora look more like a computer and less like a gaming device. It also gives it a more "official" feel IMO. To be honest, I'm not sure myself if I would put it on my Pandora. I'm going to have to test out different badge sizes and how it looks on the...
  3. greendots

    Emu Launcher

    Ive started to work on a emulator launcher for the pandora. My goal is to have a very intuitive and nice looking interface using svgs. There will be smooth transitions between screens as well as scaling into portions of an svg. The effect I would like to achieve is something like: start up...
  4. greendots

    Pandora Getting A New Screen?

    I hope this is another easter egg on MW site: The page had said: 800x480 resolution touchscreen LCD, 4.3" widescreen, 16.7 million colors (300 cd/m2 brightness, 450:1 contrast ratio) and (from december 07)...
  5. greendots

    The Keyboard

    Since we dont have the other forums at the moment I must create a new topic here... In this layout I got merged the start and Enter keys because they often have the same functionality. Also as you can see ctrl and alt in lower, left location and '.' and ',' are still on the keyboard. What do...
  6. greendots

    Pandora Wallpaper Thread.

    updated 10/24/08: Pre-made Wallpapers: There is now more at 800x480 including dark backgrounds. Please check out my Picasa web album to view them: some thumbnails from my Picasa Pandora wallpaper gallery: Render Your own 3D...