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  1. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    New blog post done [after seven months] : No changes to the functionality, but I can now read GLTF2 files so that my workflow is much more efficient from Blender to my game. The asset files...
  2. kaprikawn

    Contributing to PyraOS

    Can I respectfully request that you don't turn this into a DE choice, keyboard layout or case colour thread please. Unless you've got insight into the OS, you'll probably want to find another thread to post in
  3. kaprikawn

    So, what you backing? [crowdfunders]

    The Sinden light gun, a light gun for modern TVs
  4. kaprikawn

    Raspberry Pi 4 released

    Someone on another forum seems to indicate you can boot through the USB3 and get decent speeds. So finally you can get a decent boot device by hooking up an SSD in an enclosure via USB if you so wish (which I do). GLES 3 is a welcome addition too.
  5. kaprikawn

    Microsoft XBOX (Project Scarlett)

    I've not yet gotten over what MS tried to do with the Xbone by basically trying to turn it into Steam, so I've been a staunch Xbone hater this gen (which hasn't been hard because it's been terrible). I might get over it by the end of next year.
  6. kaprikawn

    NLNet Funds Development of a Libre RISC-V 3D CPU

    "25fps 3D performance" is a weird stat with no context, that could be Super Tux Kart or Crysis. And 28nm is disappointing, though not unexpected. That being said, communities like this and the RPi one have proved time and time again that if the community is healthy they can make hardware punch...
  7. kaprikawn

    How To Get Cps2 Roms Working With Mame?

    It's great that you want to get involved in the Pandora, but reviving years old posts with your first two messages probably isn't the best way to go about it. Most forums frown on necroposting. FYI, retroarch uses mame, and with mame (and it's derivatives) you still need the romset which...
  8. kaprikawn

    SONY PS5 (PlayStation 5)

    Didn't they say the SSD is faster than PC ones? I'm assuming they mean standard SATA3 ones which implies probably an NVME drive, correct me if I'm wrong. Seems like an expensive prospect, but a welcome one
  9. kaprikawn

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    You forgot to factor in the volcano eruption
  10. kaprikawn

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    The Pyra isn't worth sacrificing health and happiness. You've been upfront since the beginning that there's no release date, my patience is still intact.
  11. kaprikawn

    Google Stadia

    Some of the things Digital Foundry said in their take on it were interesting. Especially with regard to online games with many players (Fortnight, Apex Legends etc.). They said that the server could do all the calculations and rendering locally, and then just send the output to clients. So it...
  12. kaprikawn

    Media and Press - who should we contact?

    I'm sure he would love the Pyra, but I don't think he will get one himself. All the stuff he buys is really cheap, I don't think he would pay the asking price for a Pyra.
  13. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    New blog post is up : Level data (enemies, scenary etc.) is no longer hard-coded, I've offloaded it into JSON files. I find writing JSON files and the importing process to be just...
  14. kaprikawn

    Do you drive an automatic or manual car?

    Depends where you are, in the UK when you get lessons you're taught manual. If you just want to learn automatic you have to go out of your way to find someone who'll teach you that, and very few people do. Most of the cars here are manual
  15. kaprikawn

    What have you bought recently?

    That's the cover, it's pretty sweet, except I don't like the grey marks on it (you can see them most in the bottom-middle right). I'm pretty sure they're meant to be there, that they're part of the picture. But at first I thought they were scuff marks from the transit or something. I think it...
  16. kaprikawn

    Mortal Kombat 3 PS1, PC (Win95) and MKT N64 source codes released on 4chan

    But I'd be looking at the screen if I were playing against you at the arcade. Between looking at you move the stick/press the buttons and looking at what your character is doing on the screen, I'd think I'd grok your intentions quicker using the latter. The early MK games are cheating...
  17. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    Oh wow, no, I haven't seen that before. For now I just want to get a crappy demo done. But after that I want to go back and do something a little more polished and improve my code quality. This resource looks excellent for helping with that, it looks to be about the same scope that I'm aiming...
  18. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    New blog post : The enemy fires, and also dies (well, disappears really) when hit.
  19. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    It's very rewarding, but it is rather difficult. If your goal is to make a game, it might be a better idea to learn an engine. Unfortunately there aren't many options for the Pyra, though I expect Godot 3.1 will be able to output to the Pyra and that looks to be a good option with it being...