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    Passed the certification!

    I thought for sure you were leading up to, 'Any news about zombies?'
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    Passed the certification!

    In my experience, Sandisk, Samsung, and PNY SD cards all tend to be pretty good. The difference between the smaller and bigger ones is more about price per GB than about performance (of course there are the usual caveats about bigger drives and relative performance). The largest drives cost the...
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    Passed the certification!

    The cards I used to use in my old digital camera were only 1 or 2 GB (and not of the microdrive variety), but current ones for sale generally seem to be 64 and 128 GB even for the non CFast type.
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    Passed the certification!

    There is also the unexpected return of the Compact Flash card for high end photography because of the boosted transfer rates of the new cards, although the capacities seem generally smaller than SD cards still. (Edit: The new cards are called CFast cards and there are some with 512 GB, but they...
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    The Final Revision

    Umm, there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of current devices on the market with a full sized USB B connector. There is even a full sized USB 3 B connector to accommodate faster data transfer rates. Still the regular old connector that is only compatible with up to USB 2 devices is commonplace on...
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    Ask the Dragon!

    If you want to get more specific, you can go to the county level. The county I live in has 112 people per square mile (43 per square km). The one just north of the one I live in, where I go hiking quite often (there are places to hike in the county I live in as well) has only 2.8 people per...
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    Back from Greece

    Yes. In fact, by that logic, every modern language is made up of mistakes from a predecessor language. Also, if the original spelling and pronunciation are the only valid ones, then English people have to change the things they've altered back to the original as well, like aluminum (original...
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    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    Remember that the computer game market was considered separately. It didn't crash in the US any more than it did in Europe. It was only the console game (cartridge) market that crashed. In fact, the rise in popularity of computer games was blamed for the console game market crashing (though that...
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    Is there really a light at the end of the journey...?

    The video games crash was when the sale of cartridge video games plummeted toward the end of 1983, and both Atari's and ColecoVision's success ended in the home video game market. Nobody really picked up the slack until the Nintendo Entertainment System started to become really successful, which...
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    Case closed?

    "You're in Hull." "No, I'm not." "This is Hull." "No, it isn't." "You're in Hull." "I'm not in Hull! Stop saying 'Hull'!" OK, so it's a little late for this. What can I say? I haven't checked back for a week.
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    Getting closer...

    I have a few different ARM set top boxes/SoCs. Other than the Raspberry Pi, the best Linux support has been for the i.MX6 device I have. No other device (besides my Pandora) comes close. So that would seem to be a promising direction to look for the next revision of the CPU board (If there had...
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    Important color changes

    I'm a native English speaker, and I tend to use "whom" correctly. I notice some people trying to use it correctly but overdoing it and using "whom" in places where "who" is actually correct. You're correct that it was about the assembly line, but you've got it reversed. Black was implemented...
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    Let's move the moulds!

    He's right. As I mentioned in a previous post that got moved to the odd "Racism toward Greece" thread even though it had nothing to do with that topic (I'm guessing this was just an oversight), Companies that do this sort of thing prioritize high volume customers. Having a low volume customer go...
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    Racism towards greece

    I work for a company that does aluminum extrusions, and I know that if you are a small account with low volumes of metal on order, your order can be knocked around by the companies that have high volume orders. Fortunately, we have four presses, which makes it so some of the less capable presses...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I've never attached a photo to a text message, and I'm past my thirties. Of course, I probably text more now than I ever have before, but that's not saying much.
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I realize this is your subjective feeling about this. I just wanted to give my own subjective experience with some older hardware. I have a Hewlett Packard Compaq 8710p laptop with a Core 2 Duo (I'm not sure of the specific one since I don't have it with me at the moment, somewhere between a...
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    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    Note that I did qualify what I said with the provision that the SoC could have more memory than the Pi has. It is disappointing that your attempts at OpenGL with the Pi 3 were not more successful. I have to admit, most of my experience with any version of the Pi is with 2D video, which it does...
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    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    I don't have any plans to pull out of getting a Pyra because there is still nothing like it. My Pandora has gotten to the point where it doesn't work right, and though I can probably get it partially fixed (I think there are a couple of motherboard issues that nothing can be done about), I...
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    Open... and close... and open...

    This makes me think of the various green phosphor themes that imitate the look of an old "green screen" monitor.
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    Open... and close... and open...

    Well, a quick unscientific test on an old netbook I have running Debian Stretch 32 bit using htop to see how much memory is used leaves me averaging about 185 MB for Xfce and about 210 MB for MATE when Compton is running on both desktops (Compton seems to add about 15 MB of RAM usage, though it...