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    OpenPandora Based Bluetooth HID Offshoot Suggestion

    Simple: You buy one of those: and then build your own clamp.
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    The Pyra Puzzle

    +1Something like this would be fine:
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    Need a recommendation for a reasonably priced gaming Laptop

    In fact it /would/ suffice, depending on how you define "suffice".Your first post doesn't sound like you actually need a high end laptop for anything productive. :P (and yes, I /do/ hope your wife reads that post :-D )
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    E-ink Displays

    Pity those are so small. I was rather searching for something >5".
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    This is a US-thing, I guess?Haven't heard of this here around. You just get charged for receiving stuff abroad, not in the country of the sim.
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    Pyra: USB Serial port security

    You can also just cut your vas deferens instead of using a condom, much more practical, isn't it? (Hint: But you may not want it. On top of that, you may still get STDs. The metaphor even works like this too: You can still fry the device with too much voltage even with cut data leads, but if...
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    The Communication Cube

    The Hungergames. Beautifully flawed main characters.
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    They are blocking features which cards possess in their drivers to only unlock them on more expensive cards. Of course they don't want to make the driver free...
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    Release Pale Moon

    File system in a file in appdata? (not sure if I was clear, I wasn't talking about /tmp but about Pale Moon tmp data) But don't do it just for me, I'd just use wget for large downloads anyway.
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    Release Pale Moon

    Bad. Should probably move that tmp folder to appdata. ;-)
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    Desktop version of the Pyra?

    No, I think you are right.
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    Some new Pandora stuff available

    Aren't you already selling PCBs alone? Couldn't you do the same with the upgrade PCBs?
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    Pyra dock connections.

    How often does the usb cable of your mouse break?Moving wires aren't bad per se, and you have enough room in a dock to make them durable. Sounds like a good but expensive solution.
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    Feel free to prove me wrong, but I think the power the display controller uses is negligible.
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    Some new Pandora stuff available

    I was wondering about that too.Shipping might be a problem: you could put the PCB in an antistatic padded bag, but you risk the microphone breaking off I think, I would hope the other parts aren't endangered like that. Also when I remember how some packages I got were treated by their looks...
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    I understood just this to be the reason for the different power efficiency.
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    Oh well. "Such power draw increases can also be offset by improvements in the panel technology used, which has consistently been the case with Samsung’s OLED development" So more of a theoretical increase in power usage. And there was no mention of the thing I was wondering about: If image...
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    The GPU/CPU might draw (much) more power if you want to fully use a 4k display. But I was talking about the display itself. If it's just the SoC then it's not a downside, because you don't need to use the full resolution if you need to save power. Playing a 1080p video on a 4k display shouldn't...
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    Sure? That makes sense if the pixel grid blocks more light even when set to translucent (so higher proportion of in-between-the-pixels space), but on the other hand I thought it was not like that in practice and wouldn't image quality degrade if the pixels were worse in that way?Need to look it up.
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    Release Otter browser

    When I think about the 3GB of LaTeX packages my desktop Debian is just downloading (can hardly believe I never used LaTeX since the last reinstall. Thank god my internet connection is faster than it used to be), I know it won't be enough "with room to spare" for me. But of course you can make do...