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  1. alerino

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    this; tried to run in a Orange Pi (Mali400) and it complained about bcm host and vcm btw, first post in years, it's awesome to still see some action here
  2. alerino

    Prototype Production Run

    ED !!!  That's great news! Awesome coverage directly from the oven... I hope you guys total success! I wish i had money left to jump on the Pyra ...
  3. alerino

    Amnesty....Please... :)

    i have a warning point issued by Craig and i'm proud of it
  4. alerino

    Pandora.. the BBS simulator/environment?

    i was a BBS sysop once, dad wanted to kill me for the most expensive phone bills we've ever had
  5. alerino

    yet another tv out topic.

    my videos were recorded that way
  6. alerino

    Dropbox users

    YEP, Dropbox has automatic photo upload (you can set it to upload with wifi only, to avoid data plan usage).  BUT, afaik, no automatic downloading to mobile devices, only filelist syncing
  7. alerino

    usbmodeswitch umts internet stick

    try  sudo opkg update then sudo opkg install usb-modeswitch
  8. alerino

    Teaser. (More Info to Come)

    i think i jizzed my pants
  9. alerino

    Teaser. (More Info to Come)

    me wants badly!
  10. alerino

    [Release] Compo4all MAME - ladder/scoreboard competition for classic arcade games :)

    time to have your butt kicked :P hahahaha
  11. alerino

    [Release] Compo4all MAME - ladder/scoreboard competition for classic arcade games :)

    Ghosts n goblins, my all time arcade favorite game \o/ 
  12. alerino

    The Official mcobit Appreciation Thread!

    this is what pandora love is about, let's spread it, thanks mcobit, you have 2 more beers on your paypal
  13. alerino

    PanMAME Betatesting

    delete appdata folder, then copy your roms to rom folder, then try again. 
  14. alerino

    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Jeff, send back Prom our best regards. We miss her a lot! :)
  15. alerino


    that's a great idea, i picture this in my dream arcade (future project)
  16. alerino

    Leathcos Multi-Part Pandora review

    Thanks, Leathco, great to see how it goes. Eager to see the new videos.
  17. alerino

    What Music DEFINES The Eighties?

    Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
  18. alerino

    Release KAMI RETRO - half price weekend

    bought too! \o/ 
  19. alerino

    Help out with some emulation texts

    loving all of those pictures  :wub: