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  1. lukey

    Using a Pyra as a 4g modem?

    The thing is: The normal 5G Base-Stations also have 4G as well. Also I doubt that the carriers will limit their plans to only 5G.
  2. lukey

    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    More Drama indeed...
  3. lukey

    Even more to see here (now)

    So where can I order that catalogue?
  4. lukey

    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    Creating an LXC Container with SuperZaxxon shouldn't be a Problem. The specific Pandora-Optimized parts are problematic: We'll need to emulate the Low-Level input-devices, scaled Framebuffers (that are compatible with the Optimized libsdl) and the DSP (as the one in the OMAP5 is weaker).
  5. lukey

    Preparing for a Prototype

    AFAIK it is planned that first uboot + small kernel + initrd will be booted off the eMMC (or Left SD Slot when holding some Key so you can't brick the Pyra). This kernel will then boot the "real" kernel from wherever you like (all SD slots, USB, eSATA, iSCSI over WiFI, NFS over ssh over LTE to...
  6. lukey

    SD Card Organisation options?

    You could number each card and document what actually is on it in a Textfile or via git-annex's location tracking.
  7. lukey

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    Hmm wasn't the Problem with the Shoulder Buttons that the PCB isn't aligned properly? Also the Switches on the PCB should act like springs already?
  8. lukey

    Quick update and summary

    AFAIK OverlayFS doesn't work with FAT32 SD-Cards.
  9. lukey

    GPD MicroPC

    That Touchpad would be quite nice for edge-scrolling. Although on the Pyra we have a whole Nub for that ;)
  10. lukey

    [SOLD] Rebirth Pandora to sell-Need to keep a roof over my head

    You can simply Upload them as a File
  11. lukey

    Xmas Avatars!!!

  12. lukey

    The New Ultimative Books Thread (You know this Things that arent Electronical)

    Sorry, I can only offer Digital Books...
  13. lukey

    Back to normal!

    Good, So we all agree that Pyra should ship sooner :)
  14. lukey

    SysRq Key?

    Yes, You can manually trigger the OOM Killer (SysRq+f)
  15. lukey

    SysRq Key?

    Apparently you can create your own Driver which interfaces with sysrq inside the Kernel: This Document also Mentions different Key Combinations for Different Platforms, so...
  16. lukey

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    So what are the Cases doing :) ?
  17. lukey

    The Communication Cube
  18. lukey

    Silly, but is there any way to post on the forums from the Pandora?

    Hmm, I am posting this from my CC Pandora using palemoon 27.8.1. I'll have to note that I'm using swap and have NoScript installed.
  19. lukey

    Silly, but is there any way to post on the forums from the Pandora?

    Well I had no problems with Palemoon, except that is slow....
  20. lukey

    TV out for GP2x - tvout file - anyone got it?

    Have you tried opening the link via ?