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  1. alxm

    I need a new device. What is the best choice?

    About how much was the shipping both ways? I'm considering doing the same so I can use it again, but I thought there weren't any spare cables left.
  2. alxm

    Noticed this on indiegogo

    The first Wiz prototypes had dual D-pads and a 2.5mm headphone jack instead of the more widely used 3.5mm. Thankfully GPH listened to early feedback and changed both :) I just tried the later prototype they sent me, the battery doesn't last more than an hour or so but the screen is still...
  3. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Thanks everyone! I'm building it for Pandora too! Mine has the purple screen of death though, so I only turn it on to test things occasionally. Thankfully I already coded all the Pandora-specific things I needed. I'm using the HW SDL from Open2x, but I don't think that makes a huge difference...
  4. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Here's a video of it in action :D
  5. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    There is only one tiles layer right now, but I might add another, or weather effects in the future. "Walking under a tree" is tricky to make look good because of the fully-top-down 2D view and camera that rotates with the player instead of being fixed. Vines that obscure the view might look good...
  6. alxm

    32blit Retro-inspired Homebrew Handheld with Open-source Firmware

    Good luck with the project, it's nice to see a resurgence of homebrew handhelds! Arduboy and Gamebuino really demonstrate you can achieve more than imagined with microcontrollers, and it really encourages new original software instead of generic ports. The Cortex-M7 you're using seems like a...
  7. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Thanks! Each terrain type has its own unique layer: water, sand, grass, rock, etc. Tiles are pre-rendered when the game loads, and terrain layers are used to draw tile borders in the correct order and in ways that make sense (a rock tile overflows on a neighboring grass tile, but not the other...
  8. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    The engine it uses already is. I haven't made a decision about this particular project, but some of my other games are.
  9. alxm

    Making a new GP2X game

    Hey there, I thought I'd post this to keep myself motivated and see if there's still any interest in the old GameParks :) Some of you may have seen old (really old) screenshots of this, it has been a testbed for my game dev work for a long time now. I recently did some work to improve...
  10. alxm

    Which SD card? Anyone got any sitting around that works

    I always had good luck with normal blue SanDisk SD cards, look for one 2GB or smaller. Seems to be about $15-20 on Amazon, expensive relative to SDHC cards, but hey it's vintage hardware now ;) And there's no way to install firmware without a card, unless you have a breakout box - I still wish...
  11. alxm

    Flashcards for Gp32?

    The GP32 uses SMC cards not MMC, very different. They were quite hard to find even back in the day since they went extinct around the same time as the GP32 itself, but Ebay seems to have plenty of reasonable options for both cards and readers.
  12. alxm

    Starduino, a Star Fox inspired 3D rail shooter for Arduboy

    Incredible work, congratulations! The Arduboy is a harsh platform spec-wise even compared to other similar devices out there today. I saw your thread earlier on the Arduboy boards (small world, hello), now I have to figure out how to upload the HEX from Linux without Arduino so I can try it out...
  13. alxm

    GP2X F100 new old stock - firmware update failed

    Watch out for early 1.x GPH firmwares, those were bad quality and likelier to brick during upgrades. I think some of them even flashed "updates" when there weren't any update files on the card, in which case they would flash random garbage... After Open2x, the best firmware for F100 is GPH 2.1...
  14. alxm

    Need Repairs or Upgrade? Here's What to do (and not to do)!

    Are there any news about Pandora LCD cables? I just got the purple screen of death, it was a complete surprise without any gradual deterioration. This is a ReBirth unit that's been hardly used, System Info shows 31 charge cycles after 5 years - couldn't have opened and closed the lid that many...
  15. alxm

    Odroid Go

    I had a chance to try one of these in person a while ago, but it didn't have any software installed so no comment on that. It has a solid case and a comfortable format which is pretty rare these days... At first I was going to pass on it because of the lack of headphone port and poor quality...
  16. alxm

    Beta Which Way Is Up

    Thanks for fixing it! I have 225 PNDs on my SD card, I've been trying to leave Repo comments or at least ratings for the stuff I try out and like :)
  17. alxm

    Gameshell - Modular, "open", gaming handheld (kickstarter)

    This one turned out looking really good, large enough to fit a usable screen and be comfortable to hold, like an ergonomic Pocket Chip with game controls. It'll be interesting to see how things will look like after a year, if they'll still be making them and providing dev & customer support...
  18. alxm

    gp32 Battery Cover

    Mine broke like this too, I got the lid to stay in place with a makeshift clip made from folded electrical tape and some paper inside for extra padding. No idea about finding parts unfortunately, just did a quick search on ebay and you can't even find broken units. They must be getting...
  19. alxm

    Server Upgrade

    US West: ~193ms, ~177ms I remember the boards being very slow a few years ago, but they've been good since 2016 or so. Looking forward to the repo site running a bit faster after the server upgrade!
  20. alxm

    Hurrican (Turrican clone) update

    I changed it from ./wolf3d/, but I'm a little hazy since I tried several combinations of settings and subdirs after I got it running the first time, to see what's ok and what isn't. It seemed like filepath got set to whatever folder you last launched a file from, though, whether the launch was...