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  1. Nabz_32x

    Beta Announcing GLBasic 3D Platformer "Reggie World" for Pandora

    Hello,   I have been developing a RPG Engine in GLBasic, mainly it was a good educational experience ( also got me used a bit to OpenGL in general ).   Here are some videos showing the RPG engine throughout development ( some videos are filmed directly from the Pandora ) Order from early to...
  2. Nabz_32x

    Pandora Control mappings in BennuGD for Pandora?

    Hello there, I have made a nice 2 level shoot em up in Bennu GD and thought why not port it over to the pandora, I would love to know the codes the pandoras control devices use, also has diagonal movement on the dpad its own codes, or will they return a combination of two direction button codes?