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    Ttdwiz: Transport Tycoon Deluxe V1.0

    Senor Quack, thank you for this port. I would buy Wiz just for this game! Hip Hip Hooray for Senor Quack!
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    Kings Quest 5 6 Etc

    You can play these games on Amiga emu. I have Conquest of the Longbow and Kings Quest 5 and they work fine (use the maximum mouse speed in options).
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    Amiga And The Wiz

    Currently I'm playing: Disposable Hero (overclocked) Yo Joe! (overclocked) Hero Quest II: Legacy Of Sorasil Ruff 'n' Tumble Dreamweb ATR: All Terrain Racing Sensible Soccer Curse of Enchantia
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    Openjazz Wiz And Gp2X

    It works on my Wiz with 1.1.0 firmware. There's only one problem, there's no "blast" sprites when Jazz shoots someone, they just disappear.
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    Mame4All 2.5

    Huge thanks to Franxis for this! Downloading NOW...
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    Thinking About Getting A Wiz

    I played with SNES, Genesis and GBA/GB a bit a they work very good, no complains here. The are some titles which won't work (yet), but majority of games work. As SONY said Genesis emu is perfect. WIZ has also really good computer/arcade emulators (Amiga, ScummVM, C64, Spectrum, CPS2, NeoGeo...
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    Scummvm And The Dig By Lucas Arts

    I have full CD version and it works.
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    Getting Cps2 To Work...

    You have to make cache files for every game (zipped). Go to "romcnv" in emu directory and there you have two .bat files - one makes single cache file and second makes cache for all files from specified directory. Now copy cache files to the "cache" directory in main emu dir. That's all...
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    Win Uae Amiga Emulator

    Uae4All supports packed files with .gz extension. You can use Total Commander for Windows to easily pack all your .adf files to save lots of space on SD card.
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    [Wiz] Bennugd/gph Contest Winners

    Cool to know, I'll convert some of my favorite tunes into .ogg format. Thanks.
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    from ScummVM homepage: The Secret of Monkey Island - Amiga, Atari ST, FM-TOWNS, Macintosh, PC and SegaCD versions supported
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    Agony - hangs on Psygnosis logo Flashback - hangs on the main screen after selecting "Start Game" (you can play Flashback on Wiz using Genesis version and PicoDrive emu) Monkey Island - don't have Amiga version (use ScummVM to play this game - full CD talkie version with touchscreen support!)...
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    I have over 2GB of packed Amiga games and most of them work, so maybe share with us which titles don't work for you and we could try to test them too.
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    Random Thoughts After Buying Wiz

    Thanks for this info, I saw the option to emulate up to four drives but didn't know how to choose all four disks. Now I found it, so I'll write it here for other newbies: Number of drives: it's possible to choose from 1 up to 4 drives. It needs to reset emulation to take effect. IMPORTANT! To...
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    Ttd2X (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)

    I can't wait to play TTD on Wiz too. There's no other way to play this game on Wiz (UFO can be played on Amiga emu for example), so we can just hope that Senor Quack didn't forgot about us :)
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    When the game asks for another disk you just go to emu options, change the adf image, then go back to game...
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    Maybe you have HD disk installation versions? My Shadow of the Beast 2 is on 3 disks with trainer [1/2/3(boot)]. I've tested these games today (on kickstart 1.3). Exile - while loading Exile there's a black screen for quite a while and I had to use mouse to click both mouse buttons (L+R) and...
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    Which game exactly? I had problems with few games too, some games just won't run on this Uae4All version and some will run but using different version (search for other scene releases) or kickstart. We can't post here links to bios images or roms. Use google, there's plenty of sources. I had...
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    Wiz Emus - Amiga, Nes, Mame And C64 Questions

    I just checked R-Type and R-Type II (on firmware 1.1.0) and in my opinion they are perfectly playable with sound (overclocked to 700Mhz), although R-Type II runs best with sound at 800Mhz. I noticed that R-Type II has a problem with keyboard/joystick control enabled which indeed causes that it's...
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    Random Thoughts After Buying Wiz

    I've played Ruff 'n' Tumble, Pinball Dreams and Turrican 3 so far, they run smoothly (at 700Mhz) and display quality is stunning. This emu is very good and can show the real power of Wiz, especially when running Amiga scene demos and intros.