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    Psp N64-emulator

    Glad I decided to get a PSP (I also own a GP32, but no GP2X yet): there now is a partially working N64-emulator called Daedalus which runs Mario at approx. 25% speed (without sound and save). It has a lot of potential.
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    Dear critical, could you please do a UAE4all-port for PSP (PSPUAE is very slow)? Thanks in advance! ;)
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    For Anyone Who Cares...

    Could you please do a SquideSNES for PSP, too? Thanks. ;)
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    GP2X Amiga Emu

    [clear Lotus confusion] Lotus Turbo Challenge for Genesis is the same as Lotus Turbo Challenge II for Amiga. Lotus II for Genesis is the same as Lotus III for Amiga. Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - the real "Lotus I" - is only available for Amiga. [/clear Lotus confusion] The biggest...
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    As far as I know does the Genesis-version run perfectly with DrMD.
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    Shippy 1984 Ported!

    Could you please also compile versions that run at 144 and 156 MHz? Haven't tried it, yet - is this game comparable to Galaga? Thanks for your effort!
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    GP2X Sdl_opengl

    I guess it could be possible to draw, rotate and scale up to a handful of triangles... ;)
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    GP32 shooters: my top 5 picks

    1. Galaga (Little John, MAMEGP) 2. Parodius (GPEngine) 3. Thunderforce IV (DrMD) 4. R-Type (GPEngine) 5. Battle Squadron (DrMD) I can also totally recommend Beamrider for Atari 2600, but I don't know if this works with either of the VCS-emus.
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    Psx Emu

    I would be the happiest man in the world if only "Symphony of the Night" could be emulated on the GP2X (or if there would be a port for PSP)...
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    N64 On Gp2x ??

    Three years ago I completed "Ocarina of Time" on UltraHLE with a Playstation-controller attached to my PC - it was very playable! The dualshock-controller had enough buttons - and I didn't use the right analog stick. I remember back then my configuration was: left analog stick: analog stick R2...
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    Atari Vcs 2600 Emulators?

    But for those systems there seem to be very advanced emulators: "Atari 800 - Emulator" is rated 9/10 in ED's file archive and fCOL32 is rated 8/10. I haven't tried them, though. I don't even know much about either of these systems. Is the Colecovision technicallly superior to Atari VCS? Btw...
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    N64 On Gp2x ??

    As I plan to get both PSP and GP2X (although I can't really afford them): How about N64 on PSP? Do you think that's possible (and playable)?
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    Atari Vcs 2600 Emulators?

    Okay, thanks for the replies! I'll try them after I completed Activision Anthology, which could last a while because of the sheer amount of 55 games... If you wonder what I mean by "complete": for many of these games you can win so called "patches" if you beat a specific score. The games are in...
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    Atari Vcs 2600 Emulators?

    Through Activision Anthology for GBA I just came in contact with Atari VCS 2600 roms. Many of them are just plain, simple fun to play (Barnstorming, Beamrider, Cosmic Commuter, Pitfall!, etc.)! I always thought with such simplistic graphics they couldn't be much fun but I was wrong. Now I'd...
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    Atari 2600

    Sorry, wrong forum...
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    Image Scaling On A Fixed Pixel Display

    So you're saying you wouldn't use your GP2X to play PSP games? ;)
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    Bor Bug?

    A couple of hours ago I downloaded "BoR Collection Vol. 2" for Dreamcast. It contained a BOR.PAK that contained 2 mods in one (!) - "BoR Xtra" and "BoR Remix". Because they share a lot of sprites and scenes, they were put in one pak to save space on the CD, but BoR Remix is only startable with a...
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    Strange Bug In Drmd

    LOL - could it be that you just hold down the "A"-button a bit too long? ;) edit: too slow...
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    Bor Bug?

    Thanx a lot in advance! Btw.: I assume the whole errmsg is: " Unable to load level file 'data/hard/6bhard.txt' "
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    Bor Bug?

    Damn! Same error occured with the bor.pak I extracted from dreamcast - bor - iso. Seems like BOR can't be beat on hard mode with a GP32... P.S. I meant "Tetsuo", not Sengoku...