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    Gp2x F100 Mk2 For Sale

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    Fs: F100 Mkii /w Modded D-pad + Screen Protector + 2 X 2700 Mah Batter

    I would totally buy it if it had the original D-pad
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    Hell, I didn't even know the headphone jack was busted...
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    It's looking better everyday, but how will the recompiling/porting process unfold? Will people do it for us and put it online like they did for the Gp2X or what? DCemu already has a site for it, so that's a start...
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    Which Will You Buy?

    definitely leaning towards the Wiz here; it's cheaper and has legitimate production, while the Pandora is bound to run into troubles getting a sufficient number of units out...
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    Design?! This is the Gp2x 2! It's amazing, and you're both tards...
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    Looks good, and the price is even better! It could be lower, but now that I have a job, it's manageable. From what I'm hearing (reading), all the GP2x software needs to just be recompiled in order to play it on the Wiz; what does that even mean?
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    Gp3x - The "wiz"?

    it needs an analog stick...
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    Gp3x, Saw It On Engaget...

    I like it; it seems like FPS games are a must...
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    Gp3x - The "wiz"?

    I hope it has custom colors...
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    I just hope those DS-like pads on the GP3X are actually raised, more like analog sticks, and suited for an FPS...
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    Your Most Wanted Ported Game On Pandora?

    Quake 3: Arena; it should at least run that. And would Marvel vs. Capcom 2 be feasible by some sort of emulation, such as Dreamcast?
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    Non-gaming Apps

    As far as apps go, the official site says it can run Firefox 3, so by all means it had better run it...
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    Now I definitely wish the Pandora cost less than the 360...
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    Grieving For The Gp2x

    I just wanna cop one before they're really gone!
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

    I need me one of those!
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    Is Psp Emulation Really Feasible?

    The PSP is cheaper than the Pandora, so why?