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  1. KickAss

    Beta Pandorify Shuffle (basic spotify client)

    ello everyone, im working on a native spotify client based on libspotify. basically its already working, but i get stuttering sound output. and right now i dunno what to do about it. it's neither a cpu nor a ram nor a network problem. my best guess: it may be an alsa problem. did anyone ever...
  2. KickAss

    Software Pandora Audio Switch

    Pandora Audio Switch v0.5 Versionhistory: v0.1 - initial release v0.2 - added the templatename pattern to make adding custom templates easier v0.3 - adding templates to the script is no longer necessary. it will look for the template file according to -o templatename v0.4 - added zaxxon...
  3. KickAss

    [SALE]GHz Limited Edition Pandora

    I'm offering my beloved GHz Pandora: It's one of the few GHz test production run units, which came as a special limited edition in a numbered wooden box. It sure has collector's value. comes in pandora's wooden chest of wonders™ in perfect working condition:no screen issues all the buttons...
  4. KickAss

    Pyra (Pre-)Order: Pandora cash in?

    Hey and sorry upfront if this is already covered: Will it be possible to cash in my pandora while (pre-)ordering the pyra? In terms of price reduction? This would be most welcome, cause, as much as i love my pandora, i wont need both. Thanks for your continuous efforts!
  5. KickAss

    Release [DEV]Pandora's Safe Box

    EDIT 1.1.2015: It's on the repo now: I'm currently working on this advanced fork of ekianjos BGS. Right now it looks like this: backup, restore, gdrive upload... all works well. now i figured: why not backup user specific settings as...
  6. KickAss

    .pnd as default application

    So i need to open a webpage through the terminal. links opens up without a problem, but it doesnt support javascript. Im trying to define the firefox.pnd as a default for webpages, but nothing seems to work. I did export a BROWSER environment variable and did point it to pnd_run -p...
  7. KickAss

    Release [Testing]Device Injector

    heres a little something ive been working on and off for the last couple of weeks: ive been slapping this together while i was struggling with my new wifi dongle. Tired of non working usb devices? You got the right driver, but your hardware still won't work? Device Injector might help you...
  8. KickAss

    Digitus Mini Wifi Dongle

    hey, so i bought this wifi dongle from ed's shop: Digitus DN-7042-1 Rev.2 it's supposed to work out of the box with the latest super zaxxon. well it ain't working. i read its based on the rtl8192cu chipset. tried to load the module manually, but that just throws invalid symbols back at me...
  9. KickAss

    Pandora PND permissions weirdness on ext and fat

    hi, i'm sure this has been discussed before, but i just can't find the bit that i'm missing. i packaged a pnd that's behaving very strangely: i packaged it on an ext partition and on there: it will run if started with pnd_run it will not run if started with /usr/pandora/scripts/
  10. KickAss

    Release [REPO]RetroRadio

    RetroRadio let's you tune in to the finest retro/c64/amiga/sid/tracker radio stations out there. With RetroRadio theres retro everywhere (well, as long as there's internet). This time i brought zenity to its very limits. List comprehension and file operations are done by python. The actual...
  11. KickAss

    Release Grabicasa - Picasa Webalbums Downloader

    I know this is to be considered "ill behavior", but may i please drag your attention to this: I just need someone to run this real quick and let me know if any issues come up. thanks :)
  12. KickAss

    [testing]Grabicasa - Picasa Webalbums Grabber

    Oh hey there, so ive been tinkering for a while and here it is: Grabicasa - A Google Picasa Webalbums downloader written in python. This is about to be my first .pnd release and id like to have it tested by you guys. Python self contained packaging and the PND system gave me a hard time...
  13. KickAss

    1Ghz packing issues and possible solutions.

    packing of 1Ghz units in the wooden box was reported to be somewhat sloppy (pardon my straightforwardness). what seems to be the problem: not enough padding in the box, so the different parts inside are at risk to damage each other during transportation. possible solution: add more padding...
  14. KickAss

    a kickass renamer™ beta

    hey there, since im still waiting for my pandora, i need someone to test some code and give me proper feedback. as far as i can tell it shouldnt cause any issues, but you never know. thanks for testing! the story behind it: so ive been downloading lots of files again. bummer was i wanted...