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    Beauty competition.

    I like the Dark Chrome
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    bit scope on Pandora

    So my question is can we get the raspberry pie software (only arm they have) to run on the pyra if so this could be a sweet little set up a and the pyra and you have most your test gear.
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    Pyra as an iso drive ? Or keyboard or outher HID etc..

    I have testing to do :D. I knew there was a reason I loved this community. thanks people I hope that Master control get's (ported?) to the pyra.
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    Pyra as an iso drive ? Or keyboard or outher HID etc..

    Hi PowerGod good to see you're still interested in the ISO optical drive. I'm trying to remember what was are problem of booting from the Pandora I did some testing with you back a long time ago as Dev45 but I can't remember the catch or was that fixed I see in your signature version 2.1 had a...
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    Pyra as an iso drive ? Or keyboard or outher HID etc..

    So I use my Pandora as a CD drive using And as a keyboard and mouse using This can be very useful depending on what I'm doing Blue tooth keyboard in my pocket...
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    HDMI 1.4?? is it posable to use the audio return channels?

    so as of 1.4 HDMI has a an audio return channel ARK. I'm assuming it's a digital audio feed but it would be nice to have a proper audio in method. encoding PCM is not stupidly hard can I make up a little brake out box to get 2 channel digital in? I've never actually seen the ARC channel used...
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    SuperZaxxon v.54 Final has been released!

    well the drivers are not compleatly  gone at least not in my case i ran once and rebooted but I could get the wifi back by tuning on the wifi service in the startup menu
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    you can scratch that bug it works in the new version.
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    Hi Sorry PowerGod. No, I could not get the pnd script to showup as a cd drive in my Arch linux box well as runing the manual comand worked just fine. Eather why I can not see it at boot. side note by mistake I found you can mount a iso as a harddrive if you leave the cdrom=0
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    cool is shows up is I do it manualy with sudo modprobe g_file_storage file=/path/to/filename.iso stall=0 cdrom=1 Thoughts?
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    So doing some testing I can get it to even reconise on my arch box that it's there. sd-mas works fine but Iso optical drive will not show up.
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    Hey PowerGod my Pandora is waiting for me at home when I get there Friday night I can do some beta testing. Is there a way I can get a debug log for that script. Have not actually played with it yet if it like a standard Linux system I should be ok. And is there a particular setup I...
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    Has any one had any luck with this?
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    The "port Request" Wiki Page

    OK I have a dream (sorry Luther) To have one of the smallest and best test benches out there. Pandora and a BitScope 120 # 100 MHz Analog Bandwidth Digital Scope. # 40MS/s Logic Analyzer, 25nS capture. # Dual Analog Channels (4 inputs, BNC & POD). # 8 logic/timing channels and Smart POD. # DSP...
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    I have 2 request 1 Some type of personal accounting software I'm open on what one 2 Xoscope it's bin dead since 2005 but it works well and with a bitscope could make the pandora one of the smallest scope meter I've ever used. Please! Or preferred but not as sure of the openness the Bitscope...
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    That is actually a mupen64pluse problem that has made it through the port, I have the same thing on my linux box.
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    Dosbox Games You're Looking Forward To

    Pickle did a demo of 3.11 wfw (windows for workgroups)for me and it looked good. So an normal copy of 3.1 should work well. Forum pages youtube
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    Dosbox Question

    Sweet Thank you Very Very much Pickle I now I have more I want my Pandora for! this is going to be a long wait.
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    Dosbox Question

    also remember the the psp will boot 95 is not really usable.