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    Why the N-gage hate?

    It's terrible as a console, but adequate as a mobile phone. It all depends on taste, really. Personally, my 8210 still works and I'm keeping that.
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    Stranges rom/game you found

    There's too many strange games to mention, hell, I'm the process of reviewing a lot of them at the moment. But there aren't many that I still find surprising. MAME is probably the best place to find them overall. The strangest general games (in MAME) would be Trio The Punch, Knuckle Bash...
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    wtf? Internet capability???

    I'd say it's possible but not likely due to the need of extra hardware, and due to the fact that you'd need to have it hooked up to something to work, and personally I'd rather crash tackle whoever is on the computer and use that instead :P
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    Amiga 500 emulator?

    UAE was always as slow as it is now. I have no idea why! I'm pretty sure it's possible to emulate it but from memory, both UAE and Fellow use the Starscream 68k core, which is assembly, so ports are unlikely. But I'm not a programmer B)
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    For people that speak korean. . .

    Slightly off-topic I guess: Japanese keyboards look similar from memory...I think they have two function keys to get katakana/hiragana. I have no idea how kanji is inputted.
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    How Many Consoles/Games do you own?

    I think my count last time I added it up was 48, including computers but not PC's. Mostly due to double, treble, quadruple, etc ups. And, I'm thinking of buying a second (jap) GC...maybe a panasonic Q. From the top of my head (ie incomplete): 1x Gamecube 1x Saturn 2x PS2 2x Xbox 5x C64 2x C16...
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    N64 Emulator?

    Those figures are for NA only. The N64 did a lot worse in Europe and fact, I think the SMS outsold the NES in Europe (remember, the distribution for SMS in the US was really bad...Tonka did it or something). The gameboy total is often a collective total for GB/GBP, GBC and usually GBA...
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    Saturn Question

    Regardless of if or not saturn isos are abandonware, they are still considered roms and thus can't be linked to from here. Abandonware isn't a written area in the law, it's just something that some people made up to justify their actions. Regardless of legality, the reason why they would be...
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    Best Genesis RPGs.

    Y's III was on SNES and SMS too. I know it isn't dumped on SMS, but I swear I rented it and then later found a guide for the SNES version which was 1/1 the same... Fatal Labyrinth is bad, I hear. Uncharted Waters 2 is a SRPG, one of those koei games. The Story of Thor and Beyond Oasis are the...
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    Best Genesis RPGs.

    I forgot spiritual warfare. I know it's on NES too, but the mapper is kinda not supported by much at all and probably doesn't run in LJ or anything. It's just like a religious legend of zelda. It can provide amusement, especially if you're twisted.
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    Best Genesis RPGs.

    Definitely try Landstalker. It's like an isometric Alundra, but far better. (there's a sequel on SNES, but it isn't translated...) Admittedly it is I guess you kinda have to fiddle around til you find something you like. Sword of Vermillion is often praised but I can't stand it...
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    GoodRoms cheking software

    The main criticism I've heard over the past few years of good tools is from actual ROM dumpers themselves, and that's because they really kind of throw everything in together. Even the bad dumps, which the dumpers spent years trying to erase trace of (unsuccessfully). I've heard talk of other...
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    Official Gba Whine Thread

    The current GBA emulators on GP32 aren't optimized at all because the current authors have no intention of making it work properly for whatever reason. Maybe it's cos' they're unethical in their opinion, maybe they're afraid of the big N. At the very least it seems they're more concerned with...
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    OPenSNES9xGP Out and ready for the play!

    that would make it PAL :P I saw something about transparency issues back a few hundred posts. Does that mean that it's got the old problem emulators used to have which made games practically unplayable at some points? Chrono Trigger had this problem in the future bits, FF2 had the problem in...
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    SNES reccomendations

    I'm not a real big fan of SNES games, especially these genres because publishered crapped out so many second-rate games, but here goes: Platform: Blackthorne, Tiny Toon Adventures, Super Castlevania IV Puzzle: Bombuzal/Kablooey Strategy: Actraiser, Sim City And for shoot-em-ups, I wouldn't...
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    good racing sims?

    How about Lemans on C64?
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    Finally, Pocket PSX Emulation

    I personally can't see the point of having FF7 portable. I like it as much as anyone else, but I doubt I'd play it if it was an option to play it portably. Hell, I have a laptop, I have the game, I take it around a lot with me (the laptop) and I don't (play the game). But that's just me...FF7 is...
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    ZODIAC 'Pay 2 play'

    That's a very narrow minded reply...but I was waiting for that one. Actually, I probably do, at least for what's on the GP32. I haven't actually checked because I own a shitload of carts and I double up a lot of them, but if I see it, I buy it. PC is another matter and I don't deny that. But the...
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    Sonic Adventure DX for PC

    it was the same deal with the PC version of PSO I think...low system specs, replacing sounds...
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    ZODIAC 'Pay 2 play'

    I wouldn't consider it ethical to pay for an emulator. The author doesn't deserve the money, the original manufacturer of the emulated machine does. He or she is stealing their concept, and I won't pay for that.