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    Pandora Payments

    that does not make sense, anyone can use paypal... it is a free service open to all there is nothing about it that would stop anyone from using it... as long as the transferer trusts the transferee then a transaction can be made... as for credit card companies go the same thing applies...
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    Pandora Payments

    Though I would like to order a Pandora.... it seems that the only ways to pay are a very bad idea... why is the only form of payment a bank transfer or a check? neither of these have any way of getting your money back if something happens and they fail to produce the product... I will be...
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    Questions About Delivery And Warranties

    Hi I have a couple of quick questions about the pandora the first one is: if i order a pandora this week (via bank transfer) when can i be expecting it to ship and when can i expect it to arrive... I am i the USA Boulder, Colorado 80301 the second question is: does anyone know how well open...