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    The current situation

    Craig and ED, thanks for continuing to work toward getting it all done and not giving up! I know I was a bit disappointed by the news, but after giving it some thought and reading some of the other posts... well, I just wanted to say "Thanks", for both putting in all the hard work and for...
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    The current situation

    I'm probably just being dense, but I didn't see a mention as to what's happening with the 1Ghz test batch... is there an estimate as to when the the rest of the test batch orders will be sent? (I won't hold you to it) Thanks!
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    ETA - the When? thread.

    So will the label on our boxes reflect our queue number or not necessarily? (except for box 3 of course)
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    Release 1Ghz boards. Fancy one?

    Just got my queue position, 125; so I'm guessing there are a few left... if any one out there wants one, you should probably order it soon :)