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    Funny thing is that article was made last year in november... was there even psp out then? Seems kinda pointless to even post that article at all as it is outdated and all 7 of that guys faults with the psp are false.
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    Psp Wifi

    Just out of interest, will the wifi from USA, Japan and European units be compatible with each other? I am interested in buying a japanese unit and im in the UK will the wifi work with other UK units?
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    Is Lik-sang Ever Gunna Get Any Gp32's In Stock?!?!

    does gbax sell glass covers? if not anywhere else in UK that can ship one?
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    Is Lik-sang Ever Gunna Get Any Gp32's In Stock?!?!

    does ship outside US? (UK)
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    Psp Europe Launch Delayed For Months!!!!

    GBAX give a good service but their prices are very misleading, dont forget to add VAT on top of what is said on the mains site and im not sure if the 24 hour shipping is free cause it say it costs £5 below, plus there isnt an option to NOT have it delivered in24hrs thaat i saw. So the normal PSP...
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    Fgen New Beta Today !!

    01/07/2004 - fGen32 disponible hoy mismo Rlyeh me ha dicho en primicia que hoy mismo, a lo largo del día, hará pública la última beta del fGen32. En esta beta no ha implementado aún el sonido z80, ya que dice que necesita más tiempo para depurarlo como es debido, pero funciona como un tiro...
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    Gpcinema (free) Out Now!

    noob to firmwares here i didnt understand any of that :P
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    Gpcinema (free) Out Now!

    The new firmware isnt under free utilities for me, or All utilities either. just imappy and some movie clips :/
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    Gp War

    hi i got problem puttign this game on... When i try to copy wav folder it says extension only 3 chars long. well it has no extension and file is called classic1 andi assume the same will be true for other classic files... What extention should i give these files so gp32 will accept them? Edit...
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    OpenSnes9XGP 0.3 WIP

    This was taken from the front page of news article added today just for you people here that dont check it, so everyone calm down and stop overreacting way too soon.
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    What Do You Think Are The GP32's Limits?

    The whole point is your PC could access the data from your harddrive and put it in ram very fast, SMC is extremely slow access speed and it would take 5 mins for every load. Plus 8 mb ram is not enough to hold the emulator and a game, a typical psx emu would take up half of that leaving you with...
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    Props to Zardos Jones for the Genemu!

    Unfortunately zj is on holiday so we will be waiting a long time for a next release... but still its a great job. Dont forget that ryleh has a gen emu in the bag and his can play many games that the current one cannot, although its still private beta things are looking good for the gen emu scene...
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    ZardozJones' snes-emu. new version?

    welcome to the gp32 dev community suck it up cause theres no one else to do it
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    Emulators on a Korean Site

    i cant see anyone asking for him to make it open source where are all these insane replie refering to?
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    Emulators on a Korean Site

    No matter what line of work you are in when people are exited about something you are doing or making you will get asked questions and hassled. Most people dont mind this or in fact enjoy it and is the reason they code in the first place, to see people enjoying their work and/or adding critism...
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    Emulators on a Korean Site

    Leaks are inevitable instead of crying about it when it happens ignore it and deal with it like all others devs and coders do. You dont see id flaming some guy posting Doom 3 alpha links on the internet and crying no one respects their work, because it happens. You dont see them threatening to...
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    Tykes site...

    I remember 3 weeks ago hearing it was supposed to being going up did it get delayed?
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    I know this emu is full speed already and all but i was wondering about smoothing... can this be done on GP32 or is it a gfx option that gp32 doesnt have?
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    Need help auth

    you know what forget it i was being a noob as usual :P cits fixed
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    Need help auth

    btw ive connected to gp32 to usb then manually searched for the inf file but even when i choose it the message pops up saying files were not found