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    Gamepark Best Idea Ever!

    A good docking station for the handheld units would be a better idea. You could leave it hooked up to the tv with the controllers attached, then when you get home, you could pop your handheld into it and continue whatever game you were playing on the big screen. Then, when you have to leave, you...
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    Payback For Wiz?

    last fall there was a youtube video of payback playing on a wiz, but it was taken down after a few days
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    I just recently installed race, and it works fine for me. But since it's not in the game folder, is there a way to make an ini for it?
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    4 Player Mame On Wiz

    I haven't seen this documented anywhere, so if it's old news forgive me for reposting it. In mame4all, the controls are actually going to all 4 player inputs at the same time. If you hold the d-pad in different directions when you press select, you can insert coins in the 4 different slots. This...
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    Metroid Zero Mission

    Great! The first rom I had of it just put me back to the main wiz menu whenever I tried to play it, but I got a different one and now it works fine.
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    Metroid Zero Mission

    Has anybody gotten Metroid Zero Mission to work on the Wiz? And if so, what's the name of the rom you are using?
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    Psx4All Released For The Wiz

    All of the games "work" properly, they just do it very very slowly, and without sound (or at least without sound worth listening to). You can actually play whatever psx game you feel like, you'll just be playing the entire game in super slow motion, cut scenes included.
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    Did You Get Your Retail Wiz? Post About It Here!

    I got mine last week and I'm loving it! I knew I was going to get it, so I already had my 32g sd card loaded with the software and roms and stuff so I could use it right away. The thing is a lot lighter than I was expecting. The screen is great, and I don't think it's too small at all. I'm happy...
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    Oddysee 2?

    Is anybody working on an emulator for Oddysee 2? It wasn't the most popular system, but it had some fun games.
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    Opengl Es Engine

    That looks really cool! If you're making a freeware 3d game for the wiz and need some 3d models, let me know and I'll make you some!
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    Ff7 On The Wiz

    I know that the first metal gear solid needed to change discs while running. My system would always crash when I did that for some reason, so I had to take my discs and memory card to a friend's house to change discs, then save the game again. Then I could play the 2nd disc fine at home.
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    Hidden Gems

    In my search for more fun obscure games to play I found this forum thread: It's obviously not as well organized as the website, but much more varied, and has a lot of obscure arcade suggestions.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Gl Basic For 3D On Wiz?

    The glbasic website shows that it can export wiz applications, and that it can handle 3d, but never specifically states that it can do 3d on the wiz. Has anybody tried it? It looks like a simple enough language that I could pick it up, and I'm better at 3d graphics than I am at 2d...
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    Hidden Gems

    Some of you may have seen this before, it looks like an old list, but I recently stumbled upon this page: It's a list of lesser known games on different systems in different genres that are fun. I know I'm always looking for something new to play, and...
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    Music And Visualizers

    It should be plenty powerful enough for doing music on it. There are some amazing music apps for windows mobile. 2 of them feature multiple synths and samplers with realtime effects, and one is an actual 12 track audio multitrack recorder, also with realtime effects. All 3 of these could run...
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    Dosbox Game Test

    How about the first two elder scrolls games? They are free to download now, and playing them on the go would be fun.
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    Dingoo Or Wiz

    I had never heard of open source handhelds when I first saw the Dingoo on but the description got me interested. I looked up some reviews and lost interest for 2 reasons. I don't know if these are still true, but I read that 2 of the 4 main buttons could not be pressed at the same...
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    Capacity Sd Card, And Controls Questions

    Me too, it'll be a gift from my wife. I already saw a package show up the other day :)
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    Cool site, I'm always up for finding more wiz news!
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    Capacity Sd Card, And Controls Questions

    Well, I like the CD-ROM games :)