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    Pandora can handle N64 emulation

    All he said was that the Pandora can handle N64 emulation. He never said he would make one himself.
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    Pandora's Emulators (my list from the GP32x forums)

    Forgot some parts: 9/23 - Added DOSbox port by Pickle with board link 9/27 - yellowed Commodore 64 for Gnostic, and added him as an Amiga dev 286 DOS PC (& 386) [DJWillis->SCUMMVM] [Zodttd->DOSbox] [Pickle->DOSbox see here]
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    Release Mednafen - Game Boy, Neo Geo, GBA, NES, lots more....

    Re: Mednafen - Game Boy, Neo Geo, GBA, NES.... Here ya go. As more people around the world discover the Pandora, we're likely to get many requests for emulators. This topic is designed to clarify what sort of emulators are likely to work very well on Pandora, what sort probably won't, and...
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    Is there going to be any 'Invisablesheilds' made for this?

    Isn't the screen the same as the one on the Archos 605? If so, just use one of those. ... hields.php
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    Did You Preorder?

    Pre-ordered as soon as it was available. :D
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    What Does Craig Look Like?

    Aren't they both in a pic on the first page of this thread?
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    SDK isn't the same as the source code. The SDK is used for making mods, so you'd still need the source code to port it.
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    Its on the front page and the FAQ. How much will it cost? Around £199 (inc VAT), $330
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    Another Dumb Use For My Pandora

    I think he meant to mount the pandora in the car, not the cabinet.
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    Blender On The Pandora

    The n64 emulator on the PSP is extremely slow, yet people seem to enjoy having it. A lot of PSP and gp2x ports are slow. So whats the problem with this?
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    Is Someone Thinking About Working On A Nintendo Ds Emu

    no$gba runs almost every DS game fullspeed, but its not open-source sadly.
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    After The First 3000

    Theres no way of telling whether or not there will be faults in something before its made, but the firmware will most likely be upgradeable.
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    The First 8th Generation Console?

    The gp2x had some commercial games, and someone said that the people who made Payback might port it to the Pandora. So the Pandora will probably have commercial games.
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    Pandora Cube 2 Engine On The Pandora?

    Although I couldn't find any system requirements info on their site, someone on their forums said it ran on their Intel P3 750 MHZ, nvidia geforce 2, 128 MB of ram with 70 fps average. So yeah, it could work if someone ported it.
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    Zombie Apocalypse

    I have webhosting with 17tb of bandwidth and enough space for anything. I might be able to set up a public ftp if anyone wants, provided I figure out how.
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    Frets On Fire

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    Zombie Apocalypse Engine

    Why isn't Quake 1 one of the options?
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    Zombie Apocalypse It's an RTS mod with two teams. You build a base and defend it, I guess. Haven't played it yet though.
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    Card Saga Wars

    Its an addon for MUGEN, so I don't think it can be ported since the company making it disapeared and theres no source. If you don't know what mugen is -