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  1. K

    Amiga emulation

    How about the Street Rod series. Man that has to rock! I don't think that has been done yet on the GBA!
  2. K

    Why hasnt anyone suggested this

    Lemmings 2 on the Amiga was 2d gaming perfection. You can quote me on that too! I think that once a perfect Amiga emulator is done. You can kiss the other emulation projects goodbye. Every man and his dog will buy a GP32 for the mere fact that he will be able to play Turrican 2, Speedball 2...
  3. K

    Amiga emulation

    So true... Wonderboy, you strike me as an avid fan of the great amiga.. eh? Si o no carnal? Anyway dude. I agree.. megadrive was good but not legendary. Amiga is legendary. 30 years from now Amiga will still be talked about as the most innovative platform in gaming history. You should join...