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  1. z_man3007

    Script For Automatic Caching Of Neo-Geo, Cps2 And Fba Roms

    Hello Folks, Z_MAN3007 is here again, but this time with a BATCH Script. My Script will make your life easier to CACHE NEO-GEO, CPS2 and FBA roms for FBA (Final Burn Alpha) emulator on DINGUX. Please first read the README file inside of the FBA.ZIP folder. Thanks and enjoy... Here is the...
  2. z_man3007

    Dingux Dual Boot Frontend

    DinguxMB still in it's early age. Since, lot of folks are having problems loading SNES9X, SMS PLUS, GNUBOY and other emulators on DinguxMB, for that reason I have decide to write a script which will let you load the Dmenu 0.3 and DinguxMB while you boot. Remember not everyone is expert writing...
  3. z_man3007

    Dingux Dual Boot Frontend

    Here is the video for the Dingux Dual Boot Frontend (Dmenu and DinguXMB). Enjoy. :) INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO LOAD DUAL BOOT FRONTEND: Requirements: 1. Make sure you have dmenu 0.3 and DinguxMB already loaded on your dingoo. 2. Make sure your dmenu...