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  1. Flack

    Reordering Update

    On 10/1 I paid $352.78 (USD) for the Pandora pre-order. On 12/6 I was refunded $287.36 (USD). Right now, I am in the hole $65. IF I re-order and IF the market doesn't change between now and then, then I will not be losing money. I guess that depends on IF the Pandora team begins taking credit...
  2. Flack

    Reordering Update

    I'm with you. I lost $70 on my refund due to the conversion rate bullshit and I'm not willing to piss away another $50 on a device that has been delayed for months and, frankly, doesn't have a real good record with money handling at this point. As awesome as the Pandora looks, I must admit that...
  3. Flack

    Will pc ports come to pandora

    This response isn't specifically directed to this particular thread, although it applies here (as well as to many other threads). I wonder why some of the people posting here even bought a Pandora, or what their interest in the console is. I mean, look at some of the consoles and computers the...
  4. Flack

    How are you going to use your Pandora?

    01. Portable Emulation (C64, NES, SNES, Genesis, Amiga, Atari 2600) 02. Computer (mostly taking notes, copying data, watching movies, etc.) 03. MP3 player (100 hours on the battery? Woo!) 04. Carputer (mp3s, gps, and video) 05. EBook reader
  5. Flack

    Will High scores be saved permanently using MAME emulator ?

    Actually, depending on which version of MAME gets ported, they may or may not be saved. Early versions of MAME did not save high scores. Middle versions of MAME were hacked to use a "hi score" dat file. All game ROMs were modified to write their high scores to the hi score.dat file. This...
  6. Flack

    Release New PSX4Pandora video

    I appreciate all the attempts at humor, but I think it's a legitimate question to ask when several videos of the Pandora playing PlayStation games have been posted and none of them have sound. One thing I have learned (and I learned it on the GP32) is that you shouldn't assume anything until...
  7. Flack

    Release New PSX4Pandora video

    Will the final Pandora PSX emulator have sound?
  8. Flack

    General C64 Emulation Discussion

    That is sweet, sweet news.
  9. Flack

    General C64 Emulation Discussion

    I sure hope so, and I believe I saw the C64 "yellow" on the planned emulator list (which means someone is talking about porting one). The C64 is my favorite computer/system of all time -- in fact, I bought my GP32 originally for its Frodo port. Based on Pandora's specs it shouldn't have any...
  10. Flack

    Gp32 At Ovge 2006

    To anyone who's been waiting, I just got in a new shipment of books. Click the banner in my sig for ordering information. Also, I will be selling and signing books at the ECCC Chicago Expo this September 30, 2006. I will once again have the GP32 on display, so if you would like to stop by and...
  11. Flack

    Gp32 At Ovge 2006

    I ended up loading Pinball Illusions in the afternoon on the GP32 instead of Frodo, as it was much easier for people to walk up and play. Frodo in general just seemed to confuse people. I had a few printed signs out explaining that everything on display played C64 software, so I think people...
  12. Flack

    Gp32 At Ovge 2006

    This year I was an exhibitor at the 4th annual Oklahoma Videogame Exhibition (OVGE). Since I was pushing my new book Commodork, I decided to go with a full-on Commodore theme. At my front table I had three different items hooked up and running: an SX-64 (which was a portable Commodore 64), my...
  13. Flack

    Is It A Good Time To Buy A Ps2?

    Actually, the Xbox plays PS1 games pretty well through emulation. I own both consoles (and 20 or so more) but I'd have to give the nod to the Xbox for a couple of reasons. One, the PS2 is notorious for failing after a few years, so if you're buying one now you'll most likely be getting a used...
  14. Flack

    Psp Users: As Impressed As I Am?

    After owning the original GBA and GP32, I was amazed at the PSP's screen. So big and bright! Unfortunately I'm more of a 2D gamer than a 3D one, so I find myself still preferring the GP32 (for emulation) and GBA SP2.
  15. Flack


    The Bible is a book of parables that people put together designed to teach lessons. Nobody got swallowed by a fucking whale and lived, people. It's no more real than anything Aesop wrote. If you read the Bible and go, "hm, there's a point to that story," then great. If you read it and go "Jesus...
  16. Flack

    How Many Consoles/Games do you own?

    1 Pong (Sears) 5 Atari 2600 (4 switch, 6 switch, Jr, etc) 1 Atari 5200 1 Atari 800 1 Odyssey II 2 NES 1 SNES (w/console copier) 1 N64 (w/console copier) 2 Playstation (modded) 1 Playstation 2 (modded) 1 Gamecube 2 Dreamcast 2 Apple II (one black, one white) 4 C64 1 SX64 1 Amiga 500 1 TI-99/4A 1...
  17. Flack


    I pretty much learned all I needed to about organized religion in high school. All the "goodie" popular kids in my school all went to the same church. I would see them at all the same parties I went to on Saturday nights. Most of them drank more than I did, and even drove themselves home...
  18. Flack

    Finally... I am a father :)

    Congrats man. As someone else said, this is where life truly begins. My son, Mason, turns two next week.
  19. Flack

    Internal sound logging?

    If you have any sound recording software on your computer (SoundForge, etc) just open it up, set the input to your soundcard, and play the game on your emulator. It should record the sound that way. I've done that before recording sounds from some other PC games. Hooking the audio cable...
  20. Flack

    eBay is wonderful

    It's great when those auctions work out. I got 7 Atari 2600 games for .06 cents a couple of weeks ago.