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  1. fdlchris

    New on the board and new with Caanoo

    Back to the CAANOO in 2021.
  2. fdlchris

    Ajack's Menu Bar/icon Collection

    I know this thread is getting a little old now but there are still some apps and games that don't have an banner or icon for them.  I would like to give it a shot.  I have GIMP.  Could anyone supply the .xcf config setting so I can start right away?   Also, what are the settings for the image to...
  3. fdlchris

    File Renaming Won't Stay In Uppercase!

    This one is driving me mad!   I am attempting to run the OutcaST ATARI ST emulator on my CAANOO, which requires an operating system image file to be named TOS.ROM.  Any deviation from that filename (including cases), and the emulator will not recognise it.   I renamed my image file...
  4. fdlchris

    Samba Server

    I downloaded the Samba 3.5.10 + CIFS 2.6.24 update (samba-3.5.10.tar.gz - 29/07/2011), but how do I apply the contents of this to the original Samba (07/10/2010) application on my CAANOO?   I opened the archive and extracted the Network Shares app from the bin folder to the CAANOO, but what do I...
  5. fdlchris

    What Colour Does It Come In?

    I notice that the thumbpad on the blue/black model is also different from the promo shots I provided. It's also rubber, but darker than the grey thumbpad on the white CAANOO. Is the thumbpad on the blue/black CAANOO as susceptible to discolouring like the one on the white?
  6. fdlchris

    What Colour Does It Come In?

    Courtesy of, I found some another photo of a CAANOO with white thumbpad: However, on Mike's video review, you can quite clearly see the thumbpad is grey: On the blue/black CAANOO, they also made the thumbpad with a blue/black plastic coating. If the white CAANOO thumpad is...
  7. fdlchris

    What Colour Does It Come In?

    Thanks very much guys and gals, all of you. All your opinions really mean a lot. :) DID YOU KNOW? :: It seems that the white one is more expensive than the blue/black on eBay. I wonder why that is? If you were the chief designer at GPH and they asked you which colours we should make the...
  8. fdlchris

    What Colour Does It Come In?

    Well, I'm shocked! :unsure: I really believed that there were two separate black colours (black only & black/blue). Damn! That makes it a more difficult choice as I was dead-set on buying a Black Only. But now I know the truth - it doesn't even exist! :( Is the blue that noticeable? I...
  9. fdlchris

    What Colour Does It Come In?

    Hey all! :) I'm a new member here at! It's great to be here. I have a burning question, since I've taken an interest in the CAANOO. One which may seem very simple to the expert users but is actually very difficult to find concrete information on for a noob. What colours does the...