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    Just a bunch of pics

    From the datasheet it sounds like the new chip uses PFM to maintain light-load efficiency, so isn't there a concern that we'll get sub-harmonics that will still cause audible noise? From the datasheet:
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    Important color changes

    Are you sure it's not the TWL6030 or some other product? The TWL6040 appears to be for audio. But back to the 4GB RAM--isn't the issue that your 1.35V rail dropped out of spec by the time it reached your RAM, but was still regulated to 1.35V at the source? Even if you try to minimize IR drops...
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    Important color changes

    Thanks for the reply! I guess my question stems from the variability of the 1.35V itself and what generates it. It must be an LDO or SMPS with finite spec windows. If this PALMAS chip is responsible for ensuring proper voltage regulation, is there a particular reason it presumably failed to...
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    Important color changes

    Does anyone else feel that the 1.35V rail doesn't seem well regulated at the point of load (looks like it drops down to ~1.25V not too far from where it is generated)? I haven't been following this project too closely, so I am admittedly not very familiar with the design--what else is powered by...
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    Tisk Tisk Craig

    Actually, I misspoke; I should clarify: 1st Pandora: -Improper hinge (was really stiff throughout the whole range of motion and didn't lock into any position at all) -LCD suffered green-tint and was shipped with gunk on the screen (*underneath* the plastic that the LCDs ship with) -Both...
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    Tisk Tisk Craig

    Not entirely true. I e-mailed "Debs" with the videos and an inquiry about the details of their refund policy at the same time that I posted that thread on their forums (of course I didn't use any negative language in the e-mail and kept it calm & inquisitive about their policy; the fact that...
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    Beta Mupen64Plus developers you mean EvilDragon with the HotFix (I have this issue with an older version of Mupen64Plus that ran Mario 64 smoothly on my previous Pandora; the SD card is the same, only difference I can think of is a new Pandora with the latest Hot Fix)? EDIT: Just tried MiniMenu and it...
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    ??? Isn't frame render rate the same thing as frame skip (in my post I mentioned that it was set to 1)? On my previous 2 Pandoras Mario 64 was pretty smooth with frame render rate = 1.
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Does anyone have any idea as to why my Mupen64Plus (I've tried both this latest version and the previous one)is running incredibly choppily? My settings: CPU Speed: 800 Mhz CPU Core: Dynamic Recompiler Graphics: frame buffer width x height: 640 x 480; frame render rate = 1 Audio: notaz's OSS...
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    Release Firefox 4 Beta 10

    Finally got my Pandora back, so I look forward to trying this. Is this only in the app store? I can't find it in the GP32x File Archive...(I personally find inconsistencies in the two archives to be frustrating from a user point of view; is there some better place that is guaranteed to have the...
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    This Forum Seems So...

    Holy crap! He lives!
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    Will Repaired/replacement Units Also Be Going Out Faster?

    So, apparently measures have been made to get units out faster to people. I was just wondering if this has any effect on how fast repaired/replacement units get sent out? I know a lot of people are frustrated that they have yet to get their hands on a single unit, but there are also some people...
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    Nooo Faulty Pandora... Only 4 Days Old...

    It's been a while since the last update; can we expect Hot Fix 5 soon (maybe with some of the fixes in that long thread about HF5 requests?)?
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    Signs Of Life

    Err...I meant I'm still waiting to get a reply back to the e-mail I sent asking about replacing my Pandora for a second time...
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    Signs Of Life

    Still waiting to hear back about sending my unit in for a 2nd repair/'s been a week, so maybe I should fire another e-mail their way?
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    My Pandora's Life In 2010..

    I can access gmail and the like with Chromium, but I find that after a couple minutes of web browsing the page becomes unresponsive (and I get a message asking to kill the pages or to wait). It *always* happens, as if on cue...and clicking on "kill pages" doesn't ever end up doing anything (the...
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    My Pandora's Life In 2010..

    Do you not have any problems with Chrome being unstable (I usually can only browse for a few minutes before it crashes, making it virtually useless)?
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    Display Turns Off After Some Minutes When Watching Videos

    Has anyone else had this problem with mplayer? After 11 minutes or so of having a video played in full screen, the display shuts off, and I have to move a nub to get the screen back (but then of course it's on full brightness and is blinding me; I'm usually in bed at the time). I checked the...
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    What Are You Playing This Weekend? (Any System)

    I recently found out about FFT 1.3, so I've been pretty addicted to that recently (almost at Chapter 4!) :)
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    What's depressing is the complete lack of professionalism that this project has exhibited over the years (and from people that have built up such reputations in these scene...mainly looking at Craig in this regard, who seems to have convinced himself that he's been absolutely perfect throughout...