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    Gp2x Or Ds Lite + M3?

    I am currently in the same situation as you. Still wondering what to buy. I like my GP32 but as time goes by it seems to be too slow for the latest emulators (MAME, NeoGEO....). So the next logical step should be buying brand new GP2X along with some accessories. But after reading yesterday's...
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    275 Mhz Gp2x's At Gbax

    But they surely can buy thier GP2Xs from for instance. Lower price, chance to get a faster unit.
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    Foreign Charsets In Txt Files And Subtitles

    I am almost convinced to move from my old trusty GP32 to GP2X MK2 anytime soon, but would like to know first if it is possible to wiev TXT files containing foreign characters in eReader correctly, and if it is possible to display subtitles containing foreigh characters while playing DivXs in...
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    I can confirm that, on my BLU+ "Made In Korea" is also located on the right side of the sticker on the back. But I don't own older BLU to check out its sticker.
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    Mk2 Question

    Thank you guys for your answers. So it seems DPad Mod by DaveC is still needed even for MK2 model, am I right?
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    The only way how to find out is run for example DrMD on it ... and if the option is set to LCD: Samsung and you see some strange grey bars in the upper half of your LCD than it's BLU+ (everything turns OK when LCD is set to Thaiwanesse). BTW: I am currently thinking about selling my MINT...
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    Mk2 Question

    Hi there, I finally decided it's about time to upgrade my old trusty GP32Blu+ to GP2X. Tried to learn as much as possible about GP2X before placing my order but I found myself confused a bit. AFAIK there were some issues with GP2X's joystick resulting in some serious joystick mods. Since I am...
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    Gpx2 Amiga Emu Chances??

    Dreaming about playing "Hired Guns" on the go ;)
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    Problem With Captive Rom

    I dug out my GP32 out of dust (yay :) ) and the fully working version of captive is cracked by Medway Boys, but fixed by Superior and can be found on Superior Menu 155. Superior 155a/b Captive (Boot) + Saved, Champ. Manager 93 (+ Data Disk) Skeezix: Yes it's Czech ...
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    Problem With Captive Rom

    The problem is in ROM. Try to search this forum it was already discussed here. There is a one version fully working. If I recall right it was released by Medway Boys. But I am not sure about it.
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    "different" Genesis/megadrive Games

    Cant believe nobody mentioned Lemmings yet. Lemmings are now fully playable - with sound and samples at right speed. Lemmings 2 Tribes worked well in previous version aswell, but they seem to be kinda hard for me. Both are worth trying.
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    Castaway 16.0 Released!

    Nice release Jeff, thank you for your hard work. I loved Amiga in my childhood and Atari ST is a nice addition to GP32 emus as it has no power for Amiga emu. Fortuantely many games were released on both platforms, and now it is a time to play them on the go in your CasTaway. You made my day...
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    Doom V10 Blu +!!!

    @toxibunny no yet I guess :( Doom without load/save seems like fish without water to me, but I believe it can be fixed ... :) Keep my fingers crossed. And big thanx to Craig.
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    Numo is not compatible with BLU+ yet. No cats, no women, no fun ... oh my ... where this world is heading? :(
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    Gp Book V1.2

    Cool! I left my USB cable at home ... what a shame :( BTW: Did you get my PMs?
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    Swf Player For Gp32?

    That's sad there is no SWF player ... yet. I got all Happy Tree Friends episodes yesterday and it would be way tooooooooooo coooooooool to be able to play them on GP32.
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    Price Of Gp32?

    There was othe HK shop selling BLU+ for around 180USD. BAST252 bought it there. But since Lik Sang is not selling them anymore (at least for now) the price of 200USD is ok I guess.
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    Rogue For Gp32

    THANX! Gotta test it asap :) EDIT: That button swap really helps. Thank you!
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    Rogue For Gp32

    @Gruntfuggly I will try to find out when it appears, and will post results. @Hanz: what do you mean with MOD player?
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    I Want To Get A Blu Unit....but...

    I am planning Glass MOD, but unfortunately it's really hard to get 1mm thin glass over here and 2mm glass seems to be too "fat" to fit :(