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    Are Any Of Our Members Mad Enough?

    I'm not getting one because I don't think I'd be able to get used to the left-handed controls. :(
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    Gp32 Mysterys!!!! Ooooh!

    That's no joke, it is a myth. Proven false though.
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    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    Superman 64 Big Rigs
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    Winups 2.0!! Released Today!!

    yeah I would like to know too, seeing as I don't speak spanish.
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    N***a, I'ma F**k You Up

    OMG! someone likes diffrent music than I! If I don't like it then it sucks! I get tired of music arguments. people like diffrent things. either grow the fuck up and learn to be open minded to others opinions or shut the fuck up. plain and simple.
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    Where Are You From?

    I wonder where? :huh: I've been here for over a year and I just now got my 100th post, damn I need to talk more. btw: V3X great sig, that horse got owned.
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    Will There Ever Be An N64 Emulator?

    elle oh elle :ph34r:
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    GP32 Porting A Game Using Sdl

    there was a tut somewhere about this, gimmie a while to find it. here you go might not be exactally what you wanted, but it could give you a start.
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    Why Did You Buy Your GP32?

    Holy shit!! Are you serious?!?!? j/k yeah I had one, but it was too damn big and I could only carry like 3 games with it.
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    Why Did You Buy Your GP32?

    portable genesis. after almost a year of waiting it is starting to come true.
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    !! Your Favourite Console Ever !!

    Genesis >>> anything and everything, with Dreamcast coming in a close 2nd
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    Im Sorry.

    sorry, but the previous remarks you made in that post cancelled out that statement.
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    Super Mario War

    I'm not sure, but I think the guy who wrote that hangs around in the dev boards here.
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    Im Sorry.

    another one bites the dust....... and I was just starting to enjoy watching him get flamed.
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    I Got Flamed!!!(read This)

    I don't usually flame, but after reading that I came pretty damn close.
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    Gpcinema (free) Out Now!

    I am so glad paypal was screwing up for me, because I was trying to buy this last night.
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    Gigadrive Play List

    working: revenge of shinobi shinobi 3 blades of vengance x-men toejam and earl toejam and earl 2 double dragon desert demolition: road runner and coyote bubble and squeek(slow in menus) not working: madden '94
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    Any Chance Of Neogp32? & Musings...

    day after mine B)
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    Gbax2004 Results Are In.

    I think we all know who has a high chance of winning that.
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    Rumor: Rlyeh Has New Fgen W/partial Sound!

    damn.....people are quick to flame here <_<