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    Gp32 + Three 128mb Smc For Sale Check out the auction on ebay. I'm selling it because I need the money.
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    Shite Good Games.....

    Halo - Wonderful Super Mario 64 - Amazing Goldeneye - Excellent Zelda Ocarina of Time was great, didnt care more Majora's Mask as much.
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    Dance Dance Revolution On The Gp32...

    Yes, playing with your fingers still takes a LOT of skill. As said, most people can only imagine playing the simple songs. I do play with my fingers and feet. Most people would be lost playing 9 and 10 foot songs(10 being the hardest difficulty) even with their fingers.
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    Friend Wants To Get A Gp32, I Need A List.

    double post, but also-- Gpengine runs pretty well but there is no saving at allwhich is pretty annoying for games like r-type and other shooters when u have to keep starting over if you like to play just a little at a time.
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    Friend Wants To Get A Gp32, I Need A List.

    There could be a work around for this but, Sam n max freezes at the whack a mole part(not that far into the game)
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    Where Do You Live?

    Louisville, Kentucky USA
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    New Gpadvance Version - V1.48

    Wow, i just played International Karate Advance on the GP32. Speed is decent. :o lots of stuff happening these days people thought might ever happen when i bought this Gp32
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    Fgen Or Gigadrive

    Save states. FGEN.
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    Gp32linux And Opie :) [pda]

    wow, sounds like this linux stuff is really coming along. I'm gonna have to try this. Thanks for all the hard work guys!
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    Were Is Mr Mirkos Cpu Tester?

    I'm wanting this too :huh:
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    use BiTorrent and encode the movies with virtual dub.
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    "i'll Cry If This Isn't Entered In Gbax" Thread

    If this thread is on a 0 on the serious scale, what is wrong with making a joke? The thread is about what he wants to be entered. Octavius said he wanted a GBA entered and he went into detail about it. Granted, he was joking but said this thead isn't serious.
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    Getting The Free Divx Player To Work

    Don't bother, its worthless. Wait for GpCinema. :)
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    I Have Some Questions

    Akuma no Houkon-- Divx on GP32 looks alot better than you might think. Especially animation. The gp32 is a much smaller screeen and the impurities in the video show up much less than on your PC monitor. Don't bad motuh it if you havent tried it. You can probably get a 128 megabyte SMC card for...
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    How To Sharpen The Movie?

    For increased quality, increase the bit rate, change the quantinizer to a higher quality setting(i know lower is better but im not sure what is ideal, check a guide). I would convert FPS to 15 for a more fluid video. Make sure the original video ytou used is decent quality to begin with. If you...
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    Gpengine Savestates

    It was supposed to have save states but the developer never actually made it to work. The emu is not being worked on it seems, because there hasn't been any news on it in a LONG time
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    How To Play Your Commercial Games In A New Gp??

    Granted there are some things like GpCinema which I don't think you can buy a hard copy of, but you guys should have known it was hard coded onto one GP32 when you bought it. It's a tradeoff and a chance you take. Still unfortunate though :(
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    This sounds like a ridiculous idea. I liked Virtual Boy but the DS will repeast the same fate. Quick exist, not many good games.
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    Video Player

    Most programs inlcuding GP cinema have a built in option to turn on overclocking. It is not permanent, its different for every program. Change it as many times as you want. You can watch mostly anything on it, I watched a clip of a fight scene from reloaded and found it watchable. Since the gp32...
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    N-Gage VS. GP32

    Yeah,seriously thread starter.... if you got the gp32 for flashy graphics then you got the wrong system. The gp32 is good is good because it is the best portable emulation system and a great video player. If all your friends think Ngage is the most impressive system overall, I feel bad for them...