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    Gp2x Or Nintendo Ds?

    In my opinion this is the best time and also it is the worst time for comparing consoles. It is a massive dichotomy. Right now for example we have the PS3 and the XBox360. Both are high powered games machines. the 360 has better online play. albeit you have to pay, but you know that you are...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    I once had an argument with a friend of mine over something similar when the psx first came out - I said that it looked better on my old telly because the polygons were physically smaller and therefore less noticable, whereas on his absolutely massive (for the time) telly you could see an...
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    Programming Language

    Hi guys, and girls! I have written a couple of games using glbasic, and I am looking to go a bit more technical. But not too far. :) What I am looking for is a fairly simple SDK with a nice IDE that I can start writing programs with. I don't mind learning a new language (fear leads to anger...
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    Gp2x Lock Up

    When I first started with the gp2x it used to do it a lot to me. I don't mean to be a git, but format your card and reinstall everything, double checking every step. Just a reminder though, the console is based on Linux and so is case sensitive. So BLOODYtHING is not the same as blOOdyTHing. If...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    That will come later, I think when I have had more experience with the PSP and how the Em's work then I'll start the real comparisons. I want it to be a real post that can provide details of versions and graphics, stability and whatnot on both consoles (and try not to be bias). I just wanted to...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    Heh heh heh! I agree with that - I've written some hefty backend code for apps at work before now(admittedly in VB6) and I always handed over to a front end guy to do the graphics/position the buttons and tidy up message box code/ list boxes and the like. I was just surprised at how different...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    Well, I thought I'd have another crack at it. It's been 2 years! :P As for the screen resolutions and formats- I can't see how the emulators for the GP2x are so good graphically when compared to the PSP, when the PSP has a much highter hardware spec. Just because the screen on the PSP is wider...
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    GP2X Re:... Drawing The Road On A Top Down 2d Racer

    Well I can safely say - Yes add it to the archive! I am currently working on a top down racer - but more of a rally game. You have managed to answer two of my questions which I was going to post later about level design and control. Only move the car along x axis and I think I am going to go...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    I think that the problem is that the console's that we are emulating primarily dealt with 4:3 resolutions whereas most of the screens now are wierd, 16:9 16:10 etc...the psp does do a good job of re-scaling them but I think if the dev's got together they could do a better job. The emulators...
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    Some Archive Tweaks

    Hi Dragon, Looking good so far! again not sure about that wierd purple colour at the top of the lists for "most downloads "and "latest files" can you not change the colour to the same as the top bar. Otherwise fantastic! I have an idea if I may. If you go into gp2x applications for example...
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    Emulation? Gp2x Vs Psp

    Ok, ok, chill out, down in front! Down I say! Regardless of what I have read and seen on youtube etc.. I thought I'd bite the bullet and actually crack my PSP so I could compare emulation on the pair of them. This is not just a comparison of which emulator is better but this includes ease of...
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    Gather Innovative Ideas Here!

    Apologies, got carried away with the whole multi touch screen idea... its a good idea for the coop mode though -> excellent with a link up for the 2 consoles, using ad-hoc or infrastructure modes. As soon as you introduce that though you could even (at a stretch do a play by mail thing - but...
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    \" Connection Wireless On Gp2x F200 \"

    Sweet! I was just going to use some of that copper board stuff (whatever its called) just to keep it tidy, I've got myself a fishing tackle box, so I can open it and replace the batteries as required. I am going to use 4x rechargeable 2500mah, same as the ones I use for the gp2x. Rechargeables...
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    \" Connection Wireless On Gp2x F200 \"

    LOL i put "sorry for my bad english" on all of my posts to prevent... you know... (or not..) ... i don't want mobile internet... i want to conect my gp2x on any hotspot.... but tks anyway... and happy 2008!! :) mobile internet to me at least = wifi at any hot spot. Anyway. I hardware is not...
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    Surely, that would only be real news...... if you were an egg.