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    Vektar Review

    Sort of off topic, but here we go anyway. I personally think that hiding your salary as an employee just hurts you. If everybody was more open about their salaries then you would know a lot better what you could expect to be on for the job you are doing. I imagine there are many people in...
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    Battery Life On Gp2x

    Strange though. Back when I had FW 1.4.0 on I left 2 fully charged Energizer 2500 batteries in and DrMD playing the sonic title screen and it llasted for 5 hours one minute. My charger is an energizer branded overnight model and takes about 12 hours to charge 2 or 4 batteries. Surely the...
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    GP2X The Pitiful State Of The Open2x Project ..

    Maybe you could have a word with RiX0R? He hosts GP2Xforge which doesn't seem to be getting much use but might make a nice home for open2x
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    Good Aa Charger

    Do these actually work in the gp2x? Quite interesting if they do. The higher voltage wrt NiMH AAs might help the performance/longevity/overclocking a bit too.
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    Closer To The Final Replacement Of Stick

    Yeah, as much as it sounds like a cool mod I don't really want to mutilate my faceplate with that cool "first edition" logo... Replacement cases with a QD-sized hole would be very cool, though probably tough to get manufactured cheaply.
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    Where To Download Drmdx 4.3 Version...

    Doesn't seem to be there? I still have the zip somewhere around here, if you pm me your email addy I'll send it to you.
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    Do Not Delete. Gp2x Complaints

    ok, but that's not really our fault... it isn't our shop. Frankly, if your complaint email was anythhing like your rant on here it was probably picked up by thhe spam filter and deleted automatically. Maybe they don't even know that you're unhappy? I think you should just chill a bit and...
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    More Gp2x In The Press

    another and another The press just keeps on coming. I'd love to see a graph of the sales figures by month.
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    Aurora For 2.0

    There was hardly a day went by that my mum didn't tell me to STFU (though she filled in all the missing letters)* Lou, your avatar is the ugliest thing I have ever seen and needs to be changed *now* :D *May not actually represent the truth.
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    That is definately the best way to simultaneously spend $280 and make sure that nobody can see how crap you are at sonic on the bus. Sold.
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    Thinking Of Getting A Gp2x - Is It Too Much Hassle, And What Does It P

    To the best of my knowledge it has all your bases covered, with the following caveats: SNES is not yet perfect. Transparancy is still tricky and framerates aren't astronomical. MAME is amazing, but only supports up to 0.36 iirc. That should be plenty enough for your old school arcade fix...
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    Is 'hard Cash' Helping Or Hindering The Progress Of Software /

    Well, I've just left my job and I'm a coder so if you want to pay my salary I can guarantee that I'll produce more than I have so far (the title screen for the Pang port...) So, yes, cash is a good incentive to code, but only if there's enough of it.
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    GP2X Group Game Project: Pinball-esque

    Hmmmm... I've just tried it and no matter how I hold it I just can't find a position where I can comfortably press the shoulder buttons when it's upside down. You have to use your thumbs to press them and that leaves you with your eight fingers trying to squeeze the console enough on the top...
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    Need Help Thinking Of A Gp2x Related Dissertation!

    Well, there's loads of formats for ebooks, but the big two are txt and pdf. They are also the easiest by far to do. PDF is well documented and you don't need to support all the fancier extensions like security enhancements, hyperlinks, etc. Basically, as long as you can get text that...
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    GP2X Group Game Project: Pinball-esque

    I like the big robot at the top, he looks like megatron :) There really should be some energon cubes you can break open for points and optimus' fist could be used instead of the launcher :lol:
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    Vektar Graphics Needed

    He doesn't actually specify that he wants new enemy designs... I assumed it would be background screens for an increasing number of levels.
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    Need Help Thinking Of A Gp2x Related Dissertation!

    I think you could devote at least half of the dissertation to interface design, usability studies and the rest. The other half to creating appropriate data structures to allow easy expansion, writing the code to accept plugins, comparisons of algorithms to perform icon layout... There's a...
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    Firmware 2.0 Source Released

    lol squidge. Cynical, but probably accurate.
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    More Gp2x In The Press

    Yet more press And this one is typed twice for double the fun!