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    Sales Everything so far seems a little unprofesional.

    The Open Pandora Development team are as professional as you can get for a bunch of Devs launching such a project as the Pandora You are not really losing out as you still buy at the original purchase price You need to bear in mind all the changes which have happened in the worlds financial...
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    Release Anyone interested in developing an AR game?

    Most of them games were nice concepts But actually played pretty rubbish :( Back when I had a Gizmondo, there were a few conceptual AR titles - but they were pretty crap - and yes you needed a camera to work Now if you said VR games - using those Spectacles which project games like they...
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    Release SNES Super FX

    Dont expect it straight away as the FX chip was notoriusly hard to mimic Expect a decent SNES emulator quickly with th FX chip being emulated at a later date
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    Sales Any chance first batch will be delivered in January 2009?

    More than likely,once the case an keyboard get completed, you then have usual christmas post slowing things down a wee bit followed by shipping from US to Europe, then Europe to the rest of the world. :D
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    Sales Forced to Cancel Because Of Credit Card Issues

    Dude - your crazy! Try a little patience, and contact them via email --> or Or you can always PM Chip if you have real issues Trust me they are a little overwhelmed at the minute and your stuff will get processed
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    Sales Warning email phishing

    its not a scam - trust me Craig can usually be contatced using the GMAIL account Ditto for the rest of the open pandora team Just sit back and wait for the refund to clear - the bank details look cool, they are the same ones i used to update my original order
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    MK3 PCB??

    Just read that there is going to be a MK3 PCB for the Pandora - I think the post was from Evil Dragon, it stated that the MK3 would incorporate a Battery Fix and some other updates - one of which was to correct the un-sightly U21 hand-fixed IC connections the other I think was for battery...
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    Release New Blog entry - Soft top, hard shoulder.

    The following post has just been placed by M Weston on the GP32x forum
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    Sales When does shipping start ?.

    Someone please work my order number place in queue I expect it to be around 3,700 ish I received my confirmation email (after paying by bank transfer) on 13 October 2008 11:17:31 I only received an email stating my place was in the first batch, but no confirmation of place/order number...
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    Sales where can i order one in the uk

    Sign-up for the newsletter All pre-order pandoras were sold out way back at start of october The original order page was here - you basically click on your location on world map from where you order based on your region The second batch ordering is...
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    Release New Blog entry - Soft top, hard shoulder.

    I agree its very good to see the fully populated PCB's :lol: Whats really bad is that they are all stacked up on top of each other, and on a wooden surface As I worked in contract electronics before IT, what I can say is that is a very bad thing. You can pass alot of electromagnetic static...
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    Sales Emailed twice, still no response

    I can beat that I ordered on last day of pre-orders, paying by bank transfer, received an email confirming that my order was in first batch but no order number displayed Initially I just ordered Pandora and special delivery postage to UK (ordered off openpandora not anywhere else) For the...
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    Release Quake 3 on the pandora

    OK I stand corrected on Quake 3 not being Open Source :? Just remember that the distribution referred to on previous page was for angstorm, which would just be a arm specific shell app to enable the original quake application to run, it is not by itself a fully functional download of Quake 3...
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    Release Quake 3 on the pandora

    depends if its open source I dont think Quake 3 is yet - Doom 3 will be Unless someone writes a emulator then has original ID files as source that might work, expect the order to be something like ... Quake 2 - As a launch title Doom 3 - When it becomes open sourced within 3-6 months Quake 3...
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    Will pc ports come to pandora

    Doubt it :o These games need to be Open Source first before anyone can attempt to re-compile for the Pandora :ph34r: I doubt very much that someone will port to Pandora unless original is open-source At least you should be able to play some of them on some form of emulator Playstation...
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    usage scenario of dual analog nubs

    This picture seems to be more up to date than others I have seen in the past :wacko: The others seem to have white shoulder pads Do you have any more images of the pandora - as there seems to have been little updated on the blog over the past few weeks regarding case and final design
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    Release new mame4all video

    Raiden Star Wars Galaga Galaxian Gorf Pole Position
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    Release A quick question

    Sorry - forgot to add it all depends on what you want the pandora to do - if you want it to look like a windows OS - then get a flavour/shell in linux which mimics a windows OS, or take a risk an try and get a embedded windows ce/xp os which is arm compliant then get a cutdown office application...
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    Release A quick question

    While you are correct on x86 - you have overlooked that there is an embedded Windows XP OS and embedded Windows CE 6.0 which is designed to run on lots of smaller spec chips - it used in alot of kiosk type terminals - and it does come with an ARM flavour to boot I know of images out there for...
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    Release A quick question

    I disagree :o There is no reason provided drivers can be found that win XP could run off the device. I have done this in the past with an EEE PC which i kept the base os on the Flash Drive and then ran XP off a USB stick. Performance would an issue in the sense XP does neet 256-512mb just to...