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    I have a MAME question: I have to convert the roms that i Download or only need to put in the /roms folder? thanks.
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    How Many Games Do You Have On Your Caanoo?

    Mmmm... around 20 games, my sd card is small (2GB)
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    n64 emulation is impressive :o Maybe i will not need my wiz anymore...
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    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    Android 2.2,n64 emulation and 6~7hours of batery.What more i can want? When it come to DX i will buy one
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    Pcsx Rearmed R11

    cBin files are working?
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    Pcsxrearmed Now For Wiz!

    Excellent Port One question: can transfer the saves from pcsx4all 2.2 to the new emulator? Thanks for any help. hugs
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    Pcsx Rearmed R11

    Thanks Notaz,you made my week happier You are the man!
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    Tv Out Cable Availble!

    The price is better than on ebay __________________ Some heavy emulators get laggy when using it. i recommend using it on gPSP
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    Pcsx4All Not Showing Games

    The isos's are only showed when they are on "isos" folder, right?
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    Virtual Jaguar For Caanoo

    There is a wiz version too?
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    All These Things About 3Ds.

    I heard it is comfortable, i don't see problem in buying one :)
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    Paper Wars

    These graphics are AMAZING!
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    Angry Birds

    Looks cool... the java version is good? PhoneME support resolutions greater than 320X240?
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    Newer Version Of Mame Than 0.37B5?

    The best arcade games were created on 16bit era :lol:
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    Pcsx4All Compatibility List

    Try making a save on pc, then transfer it for your wiz ;)
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    Is Caanoo Going To Replace Wiz?

    Yes, it was replaced by caanoo, and the pandora will be replaced with a tablet pandora
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    Gngeo Emulation

    "Warm 2.4.26.ko not found" Help plz? :(
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    What Are You Playing This Weekend/these Days?

    Playing kof 97, street fighter alpha warrior's dreams, sonic advance 3 :lol:
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    Wonderswan Emulator

    One of these emulator runs with sound? :blink:
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    How Much Horsepower Can Get Developers Out Of Caanoo

    Caanoo is very powerfull :lol: .That "paper wars" is Really real thing srsly? :blink: