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  1. adolobe

    Caanoo Pre-Orders Have Started!

    Those 3D games look nice. Gives hope for me at least. But I wonder if they will play on the wiz. Has there been any talk regarding Caanoo games playing on a wiz? Also has it been confirmed its the same Magiceye processor and gpu in the Caanoo as the wiz?
  2. adolobe

    Psx Emulation

    PSX is hit or miss depending on the game and how well your Wiz will overclock. ZodTT's is the better one. If your wiz can overclock 733 or above then you can play quite a few games at close to full speed with frame skip 1 or 2 and no sound. The sound emulation is horribly distorted on all games...
  3. adolobe

    Playon For Pandora

    Im well aware of a port of XBMC for the begal board thats in the works slowly. But does anyone else know of any other options for UpNp device features. I would love to be able to use Playon to stream Hulu, Netflix and so on to the pandora when in bed at night when the wife's sleeping. I've...
  4. adolobe

    Android Based Handheld Game?

    Just saw this on Engadget Did anyone here order one of these alogn with there pandora. It would be interesting to see if any of the developers ordered this
  5. adolobe

    Possibility For Uk Purchasers Of Pandora To Save A Bit Of Money?

    Google check out doesnt work that way. They cant just decide the currency. Its based off there depositing bank location. So they will always bill you in pounds. My bill was in pounds and I paid in dollars google just converts it to the accurate currency. Granted it could cost more or less...
  6. adolobe

    Release It's Here!

    They are off nagging on some other system now that they been provin wrong
  7. adolobe

    No Fungp .. No Shocker There

    I purchased for both homebrew and commercial Korean & English
  8. adolobe

    Appstore Look

    i vote for this one. Big Icon's at the top and clean lines and easy navigation if you mimic it on your screen using your finger =P
  9. adolobe

    No Fungp .. No Shocker There

    The commercial aspect of it was to launch in November. With the user generated section to post in January 2010 for he app store. Two different things are discussed in that press release. Fungp is the site not just the app-store which will be hosted on the sie.
  10. adolobe

    No Fungp .. No Shocker There

    Well November has come and gone and now were are a week in to December and still no Fungp. Even the & site still is outdated saying it will launch first half of November. No shocker there. Sometimes I wonder if they are even still in business. Thank...
  11. adolobe

    How Do You Find Out Place In Queue / Shipping?

    That really wont help. You have to remember that people cancel all the time and if someone below you cancels you fall down the line. For all we know every time there is a delay 200 people could cancel and every time a new youtube video new people preorder. So between say customer 1 and you here...
  12. adolobe

    How Do You Find Out Place In Queue / Shipping?

    I asked and all I got was 3000+ so Im some where in the 1k wow that really narrowed it down or me. Not so sure if the UPS 2 day was worth it with such a big number to be swimming in espeically if they are being built in Texas which isnt far form San Diego mail wise.
  13. adolobe

    Paranoia Of A Soon To Be Wiz Owner

    Even on classic games he Wiz screen gives you true blacks and brighter colors. REally its no comparison to the Dingoo. I have both and I rarely touch my dingoo unless im updating to a new release for kicks and gigles. Trust me the screen makes the world of difference. How are emulators you...
  14. adolobe

    Paranoia Of A Soon To Be Wiz Owner

    You will be happy with the wiz. NES SNES NeoGeo PCengie and Genesis all play great on the system with no or very little over clocking. Battery life is great even with overclock. I only charge my Wiz once a week and I play it about 1-2 hours every night. The screen is much better than the...
  15. adolobe

    Handy (Atari Lynx Emualtor) For Wiz .. Very Alpha

    Holly shit I been wanting this ported for ever. Long live the Lynx and Skeezix for the work. Im going to give it a good testing this afternoon =P
  16. adolobe

    Wiz Price Drop

    Actually Ive seen other online shops selling the Wiz for the same price over the last couple of months. I really dont think its a price drop per-say. Probably retailers selling it more close to the wholesale level to clear it out as its probably not selling and make there money back. Dont get...
  17. adolobe

    Craigx Twitter Update Cases This Weekend!

    Halloween isnt a big holiday in the usa. Not govt recognized so no effect on work or postage for the most part plus Halloween is over the weekend. Second Thanksgiving is at the end of the month not at the start your days are 20 short. Veterans day is a one day thing so no worries there and...
  18. adolobe

    Are There Any Pandoras Left?

    They are busy and working part time to answer emails. It took me 3 days to get a reply last month and I emailed all 3 addresses. Its not bad customer service. Its just the fact they are doing this in there spare time and like most people spare time is a rarity these days. So bare with them if...
  19. adolobe

    Will Be See Lynx For The Wiz

    Does anyone know if someone is porting Handy or Handy2x to the wiz. I would love to play battlewheels and Warbirds on the wiz screen
  20. adolobe

    Gp32 Jtag Cable

    You know your right. Fast Food was for the 7800. I got all my parts in last week and build the circuitry over the weekend. But the EXT connector I was using was for a R200 phone but it was a super cheap china nock off so it didnt end pretty. I purchased an actual original Samsung cable which...