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    NGPC Roms

    There isn't new NGPC games coming out, who knows where you read that @_@ There isn't really a good excuse not to buy a NGPC, they are so cheap on ebay, and so are the games. Fair enough if your 15 and can't afford, but there is such thing as a paper route or whatever.
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    Sam and Max Freelance Police

    No, its a 2004 game, therefore 2004 graphics / Engine. Personally I hate the new graphics.
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    Nintendo wins piracy claim against Lik-Sang

    Lik-sang changed hands to Pacific Trading Group, and won't be going under
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    What happened to Capcom games n UK distribution

    It was a Capcom Licence, not Capcom Developing. I believe they were porting SFA3, but it was deemed "too hard" and was given up on.
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    PANG alpha version 0.000001

    Pang is indeed great, but I don't understand why you would want to remake the game, when you could just port the mame source for it, or alternatively stick tight as one of the guys porting mame has this working?
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    A emulator is practically impossible. The BIOS has never been dumped as its intergrated into the CPU (or its under it , I can't remember) also, most of the parts inside are complete undocumented, making it impossible to code for. I have a friend who writes emulators who tried...
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    I'M ANGRY... NGPC cancelled?!

    If you have a NGPC, why is a GP32 Emu such a bit deal? Running off the original hardware has alot more advantages, eg Battery Life...
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    ACH! NOOOO!!! :( thanks alot LAMERS...

    lol, its not like the cancelled programs actually Promote playing Backup Games / WAREZ.
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    Strange idea I admit...

    From what I've read, they make money from Console sales. If anyone ever read the interview a while back with GP, its sounds like its there fault that big companies haven't made games for GP32.
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    How fast is GPengine?

    It's 100% normal state no this and that on speed. with sounds. Compatibility is high, but not 100%. Of course there will be new versions to correct this.
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    The USB thumb drive thangs

    Then you'd need driver support etc. Could happen, but proberly won't.
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    Yet another Emu Question

    Haven't spent enough time on it to tell the truth, seemed ok. Try the rom, and if you like, you can buy it... or SMS32..
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    Yet another Emu Question

    BTW - Gunstar Heroes came on out Gamegear, I have it :)
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    Wind-up Firmware question

    As explained in the README, hold select when turning on your GP32.
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    ASR translation, is there something like that???

    No, there is no patch, and at the current rate, there might not be one.
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    From PayPal to Mileage...

    Entware is a 1 man operation afaik, he can't be awake all the time to process Paypal payments!
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    New GP32+3 games+64mb card+Moviepark for sale

    You might want to put some more time into it, I to haven't had a problem with MoviePark and playback.
  18. B or

    Play-Asia are really nice, and fast. On the other hand, GBAX provides for the community more so, so its up to you.
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    Is this a new section of the entware site?

    huh? The Mall has been open for agggess :o
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    A Few Questions before I make my purchase....

    1. How easy is it to use ? ie Putting emus, games, software movies onto theGP32 So long as you read Readme's, its easy. 2. WINXP - Is everything compatible - cos it's all I have. Yes. 3. What Emus work full speed with sound? I want it mainly for snes games (will I be dissapointed?) SNES...