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    Vogons Eh?

    if you are unlucky the captain may read some of his poetry
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    Competition News

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    Difficult Things Accomplished With The Gp2x Stick

    Salamander on GP Engine with many savestates at difficult points. So I cheated but never got there before on any other emulator. Amazing what you can do with a GP2X when you fly a lot.
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    Chaos Review For Spectrum And Atari St

    Now works on Vice!
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    The Tv-out Rundown

    I dropped Rlyeh a note with pics last week
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    GP2X Qb2x

    Quick load gorrilla.bas and lob some bananas :D
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    Problems, With Stella

    Yes but don't you dare say it is unusable :o
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    The Another Try To Improve Gp2x's Stick

    Putting that back into context in which it was written, I agree with DaveC that having to overclock to 220MHz is ridiculous for a PC Engine Emu running on a GP2X when a GP32 can do it at a lower clock speed. However, it could have been more eloquently put and acknowledged the achievement so...
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    News Updates Are Late

    I was just fed up with good releases not being picked up and the board filling up with swearing and DaveC and newbie baiting. I seem to have missed the Mess post on the front page or it just appeared. Anyhow get back to playing great things like GP2x Vice.
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    News Updates Are Late

    I have nothing against them personally - I am just passing comment that the board seems incredibly juvenile of late to the detriment of news updates on the main page. Couldn't you understand that from my post? Maybe I have assumed some of the guru posters are also moderators incorrectly.
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    News Updates Are Late

    Vice and Mess both major updates and no news on the main page. If the moderators of the board stop flaming DaveC and newbies then the site might return to being interesting and current like it once was.
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    This is excellent, especially the new TV modes. I am travelling at the moment, more bad TV out pics soon. Does the battery light glow very dimly on everones GP2x? Snaff - are there different brightness levels for the LED? If this is max brightness then it will never let you know the...
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    Patch For 1.1.0. Clean Bootscripts, Read-only Nand

    BB Troll - is this corrected in the 1.2.1 patch? Can anyone recommend this or is it to be avoided? Craigix - What is your view for GBAX customers? Thanks Vic20-Ian
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    1. read the readme file for each emulator 2. not all emulators scan for files 3. read the readme file and put the roms where it tells you. oh and read the read me file
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    Power Plg Only Were Can I Get One?

    try the electronics shop where you got the power supply or a computer game shop selling PSP's or Walkmans etc.
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    Power Adaptor: Am I A 'tard?

    The GP2X draws quite a bit of current. The rating of 1000milliamps or 1 Amp suggested for a power supply means you need a power supply capable of delivering 3volts at 1000milliamps. Some power supplies labelled at 800ma may deliver enough. You might find if you test it that the Voltage is 3.3...
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    Order Shipped!

    this isn't an argument yes it is no it isn't yes it is etc.