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    Motorola Droid Running Pandora's Os

    Using Angstrom (as-is): No Rooting Android and adding the apps necessary for emulation: Possible... Android is basically a bare-bone linux build (think LFS without the ability to replicate) with some custom kernel and apps on top. If you root your phone and put in busybox and some other core...
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    Neuvoo 0.3.0 is using Chromium 5.0.375.127, link below. This was compiled with the following toolchain armv7a-unknown-linux-gnueabi; gcc-4.3.4 glibc-2.10.1-r1 binutils-2.19.1-r1 linux-headers-2.6.30-r1...
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    Haskell And Xmonad On Pandora

    GHC on arm is on my list of things todo. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Gentoo Stories

    We have a portage overlay, under the confusing name 'neuvoo' which we use to patch ebuilds that either dont have KEYWORDS for arm or need patches for whatever reason. All of our ebuilds are pushed upstream if the already exist in the main portage tree. In addition I am adding community ebuilds...
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    Gentoo Stories

    Just thought of it after I posted last. We are using metro to build our images of which we have spent a lot of our time making it very simple to use to make custom images. Along with that we have a custom profile tree that will allow us to build a small and capable image specific to a set or...
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    Gentoo Stories

    Vitel: We stopped using cross-compiled binaries in 0.2.x, 0.3.0 is all natively compiled. We just uploaded rc7 the other day. We have done some other interesting work including a drop-in replacement of squashfs for the portage tree (and automated)...
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    Little slow in my response since I've moved a couple thousand miles and still waiting for my computers... but Neuvoo is coming along quite well! javaJake just put rc7 out a day or two ago and it should be pretty close to our official 0.3.0 release. Should be bootable with LXDE and a handful of...
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    Sdhc Compressed File System?

    Right now we are working on finishing up our neuvoo-0.3.0-official release which will be focused as a light-weight Gentoo-based desktop environment for new/average linux users with armv7a devices. We are spending a lot of time on our build process and automation, and its almost done. This is...
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    I really don't know where everything is on the Pandora OS, this is just things I've figured out messing around with my Touchbook. It might also be a good idea to copy /etc/dbus-1, /etc/hal (if applicable), and /etc/X11/xorg.conf also. It may be that the drivers all live in /lib/modules which...
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    Somewhat in this order (I don't have my pandora yet so I can't test this myself) 1. Get separate SD card for Ubuntu. 2. Format accordingly: 3. Get squashfs image for Ubuntu...
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    I would recommend looking at the Touchbook ( also. They use a ubuntu.squashfs image along with aufs for their system, but a simple unpack of that .squashfs on a SD card along with copying the Pandora kernel (and modules) over you should...
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    Opkg Upgrade

    Thats partially because I don't know yet, we were not part of the Pandora OS dev team. In general it appears that we are all using similiar toolchains, so therefore I would say "yes", but I just don't know yet since I have yet to play with the factory-OS. Our goal was to provide a more modular...
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    Opkg Upgrade

    By default our image is set up for downloading binaries just as you would with a lot of the other Linux distros, however since it is Gentoo you can still compile your own. You can see what we have compiled so far here: I haven't added to...
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    Pandora Os Image On Beagleboard

    grab the latest Angstrom kernel, pandora's kernel and angstrom's kernel come from tmlind's omap kernel branch. Its the easiest to start with until you start compiling your own.
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    Booting Ångström From An Sdhc Card?

    There is no distinction between Neuvoo and the different armv7a devices other then the kernel. In that aspect it is like Angstrom and it should "just work" on the Pandora. I am currently using Neuvoo 0.3.0_rc3 on both the Touchbook and Beagleboard. When I get a Pandora I will get that...
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    Programs From The Ångström Repo

    We are still alive and kicking, I'll be putting out 0.3.0_rc4 this weekend. I found the sarcasm funny.
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    Gentoo Linux

    neuvoo-0.3.0_rc3-official-20100522 is out for some testing. It still needs a lot of config work, but runs pretty quick. Using LXDE and chromium. Wireless and USB networking works via existing config files, shifting to NetworkManager (or wicd if it doesn't pan out). Bug tracker is up...
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    Beta Neuvoo (Former Gentoo For Pandora)

    I've read a little into this and also thinking along the same lines. Unfortunately I'm swamped with quite a few other things with the project, but if you are interested and are doing a little research I would love to see what you have. Setting up the resources for a dev branch to Neuvoo should...
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    Beta Neuvoo (Former Gentoo For Pandora)

    The neuvoo-official line is intended to be ran from SD, since the cards are cheap and large (and our image will work with the Beagleboard, Gumstix Overo, Touchbook, Pandora, ...) Based on that, we decided to use a gnueabi toolchain and a standard base of software such as util-linux, debianutils...
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    Beta Neuvoo (Former Gentoo For Pandora)

    We are just using 'arm' for the official image, in fact I have quite a few ~arm compiled software in the library due to specific benefits or due to the lag of the keywords being updated for arm stable. I will be starting a dev branch that works on cutting edge software such as...