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    Spot 0.02

    inb4 shitstorm over 4 year old bump
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    Look Who Flew The Nest!

    lol...... either that or the guy is a genius who multiplied 15 by 6
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    Paper Plane For Gp2x

    You must navigate a paper plane through 10 different levels. Download: Archiv. Oh great is that like Glider for Mac OS?!! That game was awesome, and half of the awesomeness was in the level editor! Please make a GP2X level editor!
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    The Openpandora Team

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    Gp2x And Fm Interference

    If you run your GP2X at say 100 MHz, and stick a FM receive close to it, can you pick up anything, and if you do, what does it sound like? :)
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    How To Choose A Shared Web Hoster?

    I looked thoroughly at this hoster during my initial search due to its apparent popularity and according to what I read it's a massive overseller and iirc they lock accounts.
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    How To Choose A Shared Web Hoster?

    I'm about to start a web site for my upcoming commercial program, a fancy sound making program that uses images, based on my ARSS' technology. I tried looking for a good web hoster on my own but it's a jungle out there. Can't tell which review site to trust, can't tell which uptime statistics to...
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    Slashdot !

    Oh damn it's in the red already. You bastard, if it gets on the front page you can be sure the thing will be sold out soon as that server would recover from the gargantuan load.
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    I've gotta admit, your liberals suck over in the UK. I can't believe that the UK was run for the last 11 years by these guys. How can you be a liberal and make the country be so profoundly and increasingly libertarian? Oh well, not like they compare with Major or Twatcher, but still. (Disclaimer...
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    There's a problem with that thinking. That is the mindset of someone who can't change the world. If people think its a wasted vote, as I've heard plenty of people say, then they are wrong. Some will vote for the "lesser of two evils" when they really want to vote for Nader or another...
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    Well at least from my comment you already know what I think about you and your opinion. :)
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    Amaricas Entering A Possable Second Depression.

    Oh God, I'm sure there's a name for that cognitive bias/logical fallacy. Of course even your mother is going to win the presidency if everyone votes for her, but that's not gonna happen because nobody would actually vote for her, and everybody and their momma (including yours) knows that. That's...
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    New Open-source Forum

    As opposed to??
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    Interview With Senor Quack

    Oh man I had forgotten how I had beat his arse at porting Cave Copter :D to donskeeto's credit his code was very clean and easy to understand, and I had the right code ready to reuse for that. It was my first port though. Hooka who else is on your interview list? ;)
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    3d Real Performance

    No. Not on a console, and mainly not on a SD card.
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    3d Real Performance

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    Looking For A Dev Job All Across Europe

    Oh also, I'm wondering, if I want to apply to lowly jobs like level 1 tech support in French, how much should I take off? Cause I suppose I should get rid of the overly impressive stuff that would make it sound like I would quit in a heartbeat as soon as I'd find something?
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    Looking For A Dev Job All Across Europe

    Oh I do tailor my CV differently for different applications. I have a sysadmin CV (this one was the software engineer CV) that shuffles things around to put a bigger emphasis on sysadmin aspects and make the programming part sound like a mere hobby. I hope you don't mind if I keep the buzzy...