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    Gp Api Reference

    Why so many sour toughts about PDF? It's the "lingua franca" for interchanging documents via Internet. It's modified PostScript, therefore default language for page description, whose variant exist on every computer known to mankind. My point is: If you are so smart, than invent something better...
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    Dos Hasn't Got Source Code For My Port

    DOS? You mean MS-DOS, PC-DOS, IBM-DOS, Caldera DR-DOS, Atari DOS (TOS), or Amstrad DOS? Free-DOS is out there, too. Who cares about stone-age DOS? Think about Linux. Organize yourself and join the Linux community, contribute somehow to get the Linux out asap.
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    GP32 Palmos

    Akuma no Houkon wrote: "I have never used a PDA of any sort, so PalmOS and PocketPC look like the same damn thing to me." The better comparison would be: "I have never used a handheld game platform of any sort, so GP32 and Zodiac look like the same damn thing to me." (Just kidding .....i.e...
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    GP32 Ram Used/free

    I wrote a very basic progam just to see what's the maximum chunk of memory I can allocate, using zmalloc(). After quite a few fine-tuned try-and-miss attempts, I turned out that maximal size of single, monolitic peace of RAM available to program is somewhere 5.7Mb <_< and goes downwards...
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    GP32 Gpfontmaker 2.0 W.i.p

    Are you interested in this work? Sure, yes I am. Do you think you will use it? Definetly. Anybody has looked at the current version of GPFontMaker? Not yet. Just learned about from your post. Anybody has used the current version of GPFontMaker to generate fonts? Not yet. Just learned...