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    Prboom With Picklelauncher For Caanoo

    Any alternate link for download? Neither of those work.
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    Whats Up With The Caanoo?

    There seems to be a lot of great downloads for the Wiz, which I own, however after recently getting a Caanoo, and having wanted one around the time I bought my Wiz, I'm starting to wonder if this poor device was nearly stillborn. Now before anyone gets snarky with me about the uncompensated...
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    Caanoo Or Wiz

    Currently for what I used my WIZ for, I'm preferring the WIZ. Then again, I'm new to the Caanoo, and perhaps there's something I'm not doing, but when running MAME I cannot increase the clock speed above 700mhz, which means some of the more advanced mame games run comparatively worse on the...
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    Firmware Upgrade

    Whatwhat? Use an SD as opposed to an SDHC? I thought the CAANOO required an SDHC card. I am very much in the same boat as OP, I read somewhere that overclocking with MAME is only possible with a firmware update, which would be greatly appreciated considering not all games run the greatest at...
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    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    Again, this is quite insightful. Why they'd do this is beyond me. I think there's something inherently wrong with that kind of reasoning. It just seems wrong to emphasize emulation accuracy to the point where it requires modern hardware just to run it. I'm starting to understand their...
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    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    Now this I was not aware of. To be quite honest back in the day, when I had a pentium 450 running mame32 I had positively no problem running basic mame roms. I had no idea that romsets of those old games had such a remarkable impact on performance with each newer version. It's not as if I was...
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    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    I know this wasn't the greatest introduction to the forums, but I cannot lie. I was fairly motivated to try things out the day I got the wiz and I had no idea what I was in for. Getting this thing to do what you want feels a lot like pulling teeth...
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    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    I really didn't want to have to download the whole thing... but yeah I did. Kind of annoying though.
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    A List Of Emulators Which Have A Scalable Resolution?

    Thus far I've found only one emulator which doesn't scale down the resolution to that of a postage stamp. There's got to be more than just DrpocketSNES which can accomplish this. FCEUltra has some inconsistent results, when the game is paused it will properly scale the resolution to make full...
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    Got My Wiz On Today , Does Anyone Elses B Button Feel Flaky?

    Yes, the 'B' button feels "different" as compared to the other three.
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    Why Is Mame Emulation So Retarded?

    Upon receiving my GP2X Wiz in the mail I was interested in seeing how well mame emulation worked on it. ... not terribly well as it turns out. The gamelist that is supplied with the emulator is completely unhelpful. It seems as if mame32 and the gp32x version seem to operate with rom sets...