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    Caanoo / WIZ Overclocking The Caanoo

    WOW Thanks simon, that sounds fantastic, also thank you for your speed uploading the firm. ^_^ now it's time to get at work
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    Caanoo / WIZ Overclocking The Caanoo

    Hi simon, a little offtopic, sorry. Do you know if there are plans to release a new Wiz's firmware version? There's any chance to get the lastest 1.2.1 kernel sources? Again, sorry for the offtopic :P
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    Wiz Usb Host

    I've managed to compile rtl8188 modules for wiz. You can get it there. :rolleyes:
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    Sqrxz V0.9.9.5

    Whoa, congrats, i'm officialy in love with your game!
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    Wesnoth For The Caanoo

    Don't worry, if I see that I will not continue anymore I'll release it as is for sure. Currently I'm waiting for some EXT connectors to make a WIFI dongle and a Tvout cable, after I'll take another look on it.
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    Wesnoth For The Caanoo

    The letters are pretty big... Maybe like these the smaller ones (1152x864 screen here) For me the font size is small but comfortable. BTW is a lot of work to do: resize minimap, resize fonts/icons/menus, improve performance and memory utilization, improve controls...
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    Wesnoth For The Caanoo

    I have Wesnoth working on Wiz, is a project that I have in mind... The game works, has slowdown problems when loads too many units but is "playable". Unfortuately I'm having some health problems and didn't have much time/energy to complete the port. Maybe some of these days I'll retry to...
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    What firmware version do you have? Just make sure that you have the files on SD/game/ folder... If you play from nand just edit the gpe and change the /mnt/sd/game path to /mnt/nand/game
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    Try this version
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    Caanoo / WIZ Howto: Turn Off The Wiz In Software

    Is there any way to put the console on suspend mode using some registers? As I see on databook the pollux admits an idle and a suspend mode but I don't understand how to use it, or if these states are compatible with programs in memory... Only could turnoff/reset the console using F07Ch bit 1 :P
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    Help Remote Debugging

    Usbgadget driver didn't work on windows for wiz (, also if your Wiz firmware is greater than 1.1.0 rev222 usbnetwork won't work, you will have to use usbserial
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    Descent 2 Port Wanted

    Well I've done the port based on old v0.51 version, I've tried lastest v0.55 but also had problems... Anyway I think that d1x could work much better (I'm a very noob porter xD) FYI I got descent2 "working":320x200, problems with sound, problems with button config and some other issues, anyway...
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    Descent 2 Port Wanted

    Hi, I've been talking with zico on the thread that pickle opened on dxx-rebirth forums, I've been focused on d1x version (it's the only one that I played when I was young). Descent 2 is not my priority, I'll try to do a quick recompile from v0.51 version (that already has the gp2x controls...
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    Howto: Usb Serial Shell With Stock Usb Cable

    Hi, iv'e found a way to transfer files: You must use minicom + rzsz, I've compiled zmodem for Wiz... Guide: - Just make sure you have lrzsz installed on your linux - Install lrz lsz from the file executing install.gpe on wiz (copy lrz/lsz to sbin) Zmodem for wiz - Run hcf's USBSerial as...