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    Java Gp2x Runtime (jre)

    Great Job Nagelfar and Fungostar!! I think Java can be a very useful and powerful language on the GP2X. For speed and tools (like assemble all the files and runtimes in one .gpe file or similar) we seek in the future what the community want...
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    Battery Led Problem

    Damn, I have compiled the source for changing the battery led (gpio) and the backlight... backlight ok, but the battery led... nothing! I am lucky :ph34r:
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    Battery Led Problem

    Hi! I think the battery LED in my GP2X is damaged (I have never see the light on)... (The GP2X is new, used for 2 day.) Where I can download a test program for the battery led? (sorry for my english)
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    Whats A Good Programming Language To Learn?

    You can also use directly ARM assembly :D, here 3 pdf:
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    Gpx2 Processor Speed

    Ahahaha :D * REMOVED SPAM * Jessi you wanna buy TEH GP2X?
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    Dis Thing Looks Ok

    I want to put another brick in this thread :P sexijessi1993 now you are a superstar! Now go buy another GP2X-F100 MK2, play a lot of old-skool games, download the Official SDK and begin your career into games-development ;) And if you can write in standard-correct-grammatical English, you...
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    GP2X My 3d Renderer (wip)

    I think the demo must be non-interactive... but... oh man :( I don't know for the contest (Dzz help! ;) )
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    GP2X My 3d Renderer (wip)

    Sooo true! The x86 assembly is pure evil :) BTW, great work! Next step... hypercube :P
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    GP2X My 3d Renderer (wip)

    For the 64kb-demo contest, in the rules, the SDL-library size is counted with the executable size? (yeah, some form of extreme-ARM-assembly for the 64kb demo can be very useful for the future of the gp2x :lol:)
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    Would A Pqi 4gb Secure Digital (sd) Work On My Gp2x

    :D (but I'm very active in the Italian community, o almost, I'm trying hihih :P -> (I can read very well english, but when I write, ehm..cough...engrish? Oh yeah! :))
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    Would A Pqi 4gb Secure Digital (sd) Work On My Gp2x

    lol You can try the wiki: Don't write only "Topic". Is rude, and you can (and must) "waste" a little time, for writing the (simple) question... If you don't want to "waste" your time, you think the community would othewise waste his time for...
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    Squidge's Mmu Hack: Discovery Of The Month :)

    Sorry for the "stupid" post, but... We can make a N64 emulator like UltraHLE? (so... with high level emulation?) I think only few games are really "worth" to play in a GP2X, like SMB64 and Zelda (but this is hard to emulate full speed...) (sry for my english :)) (yeah, we don't have 3d nor...
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    Drmd V5 Beta 4 - Squidge-injected Version

    Uh oh :) I have read many post, but I don't understand why when a person write in not-so-perfect-english, is ignored or "insulted"... hey! The foreign people is trying best to make a understandable english :) (Yes, I speak italian, I'm from Switzerland but where people speak only italian :)...
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    Buying A Gp2x?

    Like me :D... Hi! If you speak German (Deutsch woohoo) I think EvilDragon is the best choice. I'm from Tessin (Ticino) and I speak Italian... so for me is better the new shop in Italy (TecnologieCreative Forum for Italy...