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  1. J

    D-pad Design

    Yeah, if the circular pad isn't stationary then it will be great. If it is, USB gamepad and prop up the pandora ;)
  2. J

    What About Saturn Emulation?

    Yes I found that statement a little odd too, as at the time of release it was widely accepted that the Playstation games had better graphics than the Saturn. And Saturn owners were very proud of the fact that the games for the system were extremely playable even if not quite as visually...
  3. J

    Pandora -or- Netbook : Problem Solved

    There isn't a point to 80% of discussion in this forum. People have been mentioning netbooks a lot recently, so lighten up.
  4. J

    Sixaxis / Dualshock 3 On Pandora

    I had the same idea :) I'm very interested in this working also. This handheld can be a perfect portable emulator station.
  5. J

    Your Most Wanted Emulated Game On Pandora? (aka Friday Night Insomnia.

    powerstone if not, mario kart 64 aim high!
  6. J

    Open-source Games That You Like?

    IIDX controllers and the like need a ps2 controller adapter, and this will work just fine then? Man, the pandora looks like it'll be a great portable console.
  7. J

    Is Anyone Working On A Cps3 Emulator?

    CPS3 portable!!
  8. J

    Usability As A Pda ? As A Laptop ?

    i tell that to my friends all the time. they don't know the difference between a bit and a byte :P
  9. J

    New Blog Update!

    If the cap can be contoured inwards and have some bumps on the plastic for grip, that would make it perfect. Good job, guys! I haven't been this excited over a game system in ages.
  10. J

    Gph Is Working On A New Handheld (codename: Gpx3)

    You had me good :( That would make an awesome machine for real. I guess you can never really have it all ;) Also, that mmsp2+ looks nice. Paired up with a VGA screen and real dpad, and I'd be all over it again. [****]
  11. J

    Clone 4 - The Gp2x Comedy Halfhour Podcast

    well done :D had some good laughs.
  12. J

    Whats The Best Dreamcast Game?

    yeah all the best of the best are in the 3rd column
  13. J


    well here's my list of greats for the best system of the last generation :D Sonic Adventure, JGR SOA & Grandia 2, Shenmue1&2 SF3s, MVC2, Soul Calibur Ikaruga, Psyvariar2, ZeroGunner2 FerrariF355, Berserk, and definitely many more i'm forgetting. also, have you guys tried under defeat? that...
  14. J

    New Sega Handheld Called "hedgehog"? anyone know more about this? i hope it's true
  15. J

    Evil Dragon On The German Tv

    gladi stopped by to check the news page! well done, ED! great interview\appearance :D edit: wow, german gaming tv is so much better than the stuff here! you guys were just going on and on about all this homebrew stuff.
  16. J

    Resident Evil : Deadly Silence

    yeah that's what i've read up, too. hey is the slowdown all that bad for games?
  17. J

    Oldies But Goodies

    micro shmicro, it's still "older" and not so cutting edge anymore :P anyway, the gba being cheaper and having a lot of games being regularly released, it's easy to see why it's number one by far.