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    When Will I Get My Pandora? (Line 1000-1100)

    Craig does not take new orders, so that is not an issue. He does take "upgrade" preorders, and according to the other forum there are at least 40 such "upgrades". It is obvious that he will send to "upgrades" before sending to regular preorderers (if he will send to those at all). ED counts...
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    When Will I Get My Pandora? (Line 1000-1100)

    So, did I know more than you do, or did I know exactly what you knew but did not dare say? Let's summarise the current status: We are now about two months after production at a rate of 1000 a month was supposed to start, and about 150 from each 1000 were supposed to go to craigix's customers...
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    Money Money Money.

    Mainly from them taking orders on October 2008 with expected delivery in November 2008 (Xmas of same year as an unrealistic worse case scenario). I am also a non-professional, but I did work five years for a company that styled itself as the "second largest electronic manufacturing services...
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    Money Money Money.

    So they thought that the cases process will take a month and it took a year and a half. How come they still count on the boards process taking a month? At that time, they must have been able to realize that manufacturing does not work like that. Many non-"professionals" on this forum told them...
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    Money Money Money.

    Why do you persist in trying to defend OP by incorrect statements? Here's another member of the team, MWeston, explaining that OpenPandora chooses not to populate the boards until the cases are ready. He also explains that it is better to store the boards unpopulated...
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    Money Money Money.

    Of course I am not. In one of this threads craigix says that there are 1000 boards "waiting for cases". Why should a non-populated board wait for the cases? In another thread he says: "There really won't be anything exciting to report on the boards until after the cases are given the thumbs...
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    Money Money Money.

    The blame is completely OpenPandora's - During the year and a half that we waited for the case, they were asked multiple time "what is going on with the boards?", and they always answered: "The boards are easy. No need to make them until the cases are ready." See here...
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    Preorders Have Started.

    A warning to anyone new here: You have to be really really stupid to give those people money now. I paid them 250 Euro over three years ago for exactly the same product that they promise now, and still did not get anything. They did promise there is a queue, and whoever ordered first gets...
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    Money Money Money.

    But people who paid you for them over 3 years ago (three and a half years, by that time) will still be waiting. Very honest.
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    Money Money Money.

    Here's what ED wrote in another forum Let's do some math: The Euro rate falling 5.5% increases costs by 50 Euro. That makes the production cost of the Pandora at least 900 Euro. And this is only price for "most parts", it does not include actual production (done in Germany) and some parts. And...
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    End-Of-Life Component

    Of course. That is what they are most known for - never promising anything they can't deliver.
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    50 Pandoras Shipping Today. (09 Aug 2011)

    My guess is that there are not many "premium"s, but everything that does not go to premiums goes to replace broken devices sent for replacement so I expect that no devices are used to fulfill preorders.
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    What Is Going On ?

    His attitude might be better (not that it is saying much compared to Craig), but he still refuses to give the basic information that is asked over and over and over again: HOW MANY (non-premium, non-rma) PANDORAS DID YOU SHIP THIS WEEK? WHAT IS THE CONFIRMATION DATE OF THE LATEST (non-premium...
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    For years the Chinese plastic factory was blamed, using xenophobic rhetorics. Suddenly the Chinese deliver, and OPT is not ready. Then after a few months of (faulty) Pandoras slowly drifting onto the hands of long waiting customers, there is a new scheme for delivering immediately to new...
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    I Thought More Shipments Of Pandoras Was Going Happen More Often....

    Very very easy to answer: What is the time and date of the order confirmation of the last fulfilled order by gbax? What is the time and date of the order confirmation of the last fulfilled order by you? A bit harder to answer (if you are indeed as badly organised as you claim, which I do not...
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    Pandora Price Increase!

    You would not expect such arguments from a reputable company such as OP. This is the kind of argument you would expect from a shoddy company. For example, a company that tries to circumvent credit card companies' rules by selling you an empty CD for 350$ and promising a 350$ device as a present...
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    The Rate Is Now Constant (No More Interruption) What's The Speed?

    If the bottleneck is CC, it means that there are 100 pre orders that were paid you two years ago that could get be fulfilled already, but are not, because the devices went to "Premium" buyers. This means that you actually lied when you said that the Premium scheme will make delivery for others...
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    The Rate Is Now Constant (No More Interruption) What's The Speed?

    The rate is now 750 a week. If it is not, it means that craigix lied when he said they sell the "premium" devices in order to allow them to hire people to make 150 pandoras a day.
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    Want To Order...

    But we were told that in January the board company managed to make an amazing 1000 boards. At 70 a day, it takes 15 days to construct a thousand devices. At 150 a day it only takes 7 days. What will the 5 people do for the rest of the month?