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  1. Luo=-_

    Sqrxz 4

    thx!   Luo=-_
  2. Luo=-_

    Scummvm 1.7.0 Preview Builds

    Thanks for the release... testing on Caanoo.   Luo=-_
  3. Luo=-_

    Max Sd Card Size

    Transcend 32GB here card i have.   Luo=-_
  4. Luo=-_

    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    Caanoo is always on here waiting for new emu versions, especially for 32X emulation and improved PSOne emul... Thanks Notaz! Luo=-_
  5. Luo=-_

    I Cheated On The Caanoo

    Great post ... saved some money that I don't have... :D Luo=-_
  6. Luo=-_

    What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

    Batman from Sunsoft for Mega Drive... Fantastic! :) Luo=-_
  7. Luo=-_

    Final Burn Alpha

    HOLY REESY! The wait is over...omg... :D Luo=-_
  8. Luo=-_

    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R12

    OMG! :o I have a week free to try this! THX NOTAZ!!!!! Luo=-_
  9. Luo=-_

    Gpsp Native Port ?

    GPSP is good but, really need some work... i need to play Golden Suns! :( Luo=-_
  10. Luo=-_

    Cracked Screen

    One friend drops the Caanoo in the ground and the touch screen function don't works anymore...only in calibration mode. Any clues how to fix it? :P Luo=-_
  11. Luo=-_

    Jelly Case

    I have too... Saves my Caanoo two times from a front impact to the ground... :P Luo=-_
  12. Luo=-_

    Pcsx Rearmed R11

    Thanks master Notaz! U are great! :D Luo=-_
  13. Luo=-_

    Tv Out Cable Availble!

    As in other stores the price of this cable to be absurd, I think it's a good offer to buy it at Play Asia for only U$8.90. It's a good price! At least for us, brazilians, it's great! :D Soon going to sold out! DIRECT LINK Luo=-_
  14. Luo=-_

    Pcsx Rearmed

    I try only Simphony of The Night and its........................AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING... :lol: Thx Notaz! Really a great work!!!!!! Luo=-_
  15. Luo=-_

    Video Playback

    I convert the videos too but, in a more simple way... i use a free flvtomp4 converter, select Mpeg4 (Xvid) output and it's done... :) But i gonna try the Inx64 option...the avidemux... :) Luo=-_
  16. Luo=-_

    An Idea....

    Yeah...good idea! :D Luo=-_
  17. Luo=-_


    I test the last version...even better! Some glitches on keyboad when scrool the sites but, keep working Scachi... :) Luo=-_
  18. Luo=-_

    Caanoo / WIZ Dosbox For Caanoo Request Poll

    I believe the Patrick Alto's DSX86 is more interesting. The problem is that it does not release the source code... Who knows!? ...if we do a campaign to raise funds for a good donation to Alto's project in exchange for the release of the code to port the software to Caanoo... :D ...Dreams...
  19. Luo=-_

    Bad News

    Well... I still believe in the potential of people who develop software for the Caanoo. In fact, much more, than the GPH that the best that has been done so far to release the 1.0.6 firmware that allowed overclocking. If the GPH have pride and want to see their former customers happy, make...