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    Overclocking Poll

    156 as well not an option!
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    Why does my GP overclock on some apps

    Yeah my gp clocks to 156MHz with open snes anything over that and it crashes but fgen works fine over 156!
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    Thats great thanks :D
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    Is there any version of snowbros for the gp32 or is it emulated on any system?? I know there is a genesis version but havent got a genesis emu yet Thanks !!
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    try atari st
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    Locations of board members...

    The green green grass of Ireland
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    List of games that work well with snes9x

    Great to have a snes emu update!! :) :) :) Puzzel Bobble works ok Frameskip 2-3 Donkey Kong Country is playable frameskip 4 without sound Mario world frameskip 5-6 without sound is playable
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    Handy GP WIP ???

    Does anyone know if there anyone working on a update to handygp the lynx emulator for the GP32.?? Cant wait to play some classic lynx games :D
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    You've guessed it....

    I installed moviepark aswell and i compressed Lord of the rings to 116Megs using the following guidelines : Video - Format : Divx4.0 - Video Size : 320x240, 320x176 - Bit rate : 128Kbps - Frame rate : 10fps Audio - Format : MP3 - Bit rate : 32Kbps - Sampling rate : 11.025Khz, 22.050Khz (Lik...
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    Forum etiquette....

    Well said Axeman! ;) From my very first post i have got a friendly reply and hope it stays that way :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    new gp32 owner needs some info.

    FOr gameing u definetly need Gpengine the best emulator so far! The the os is wind ups
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    Any good atari st games??

    Nice one Skeezix :D , by the way nice job on the EMU i would never of been interested in the atari st if it wasnt for gp32 and castaway, but it is a pretty cool machine! :rolleyes:
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    Any good atari st games??

    cheers for the replies but there is just too many games for the ST for me to try them all, i shall seek some of these games now though :D :D
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    Any good atari st games??

    Does anyone know any good atari st games, i am not to familiar with the games, i have bombjack r-type, shinobi. Anyone any guidelines??????? Thanxs
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    I CANT STAND IT!!!!!

    I got mine today but I wasnt expecting it for a few days and i didn't get any smc cards doh! i have ordered 2 now but wont get them till thursday or friday :o :o :o So now i going only look at the little animation that pops up when ya swithch it on <_<
  16. V Sales-Your order has been sent

    "This is confirm your recent order from us has now been sent to you." :P :P :P How excited :D :D :D :D :D am I. A GP32 FLU on its way to mee, probably be hounding everyone with questions though!!!!
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    256MB Smartmedia Card???

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is any 256MB cards out there i dont know much about solid state memory but i know u can get 256MB CompactFlash Cards so why is there no 256MB smartmedia cards??? Thanxs
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    YAY, i just ordered my gp32!

    I ordered my GP FLU from GBAX and am waiting till ship out day may 20 ???? anyone know for sure
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    what gp32 projects are you most looking forward to

    Yea 100% snes emulator that would be nice Oh and not to forget megadrive!!
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    Most Wanted Emulator?

    Snes.. definetly!!