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    Final preorders, action required

    No email or pm for me yet either. On top of that my last post was deleted for no reason.
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    Final preorders, action required

    Thanks, i've been out-of-the-loop, but still check in from time to time. I'm waiting on a preorder from batch 2 but have not received an email from craig. I still have the google checkout email and order number. Craig, do I just email you directly with the details?
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    Final preorders, action required

    Is this for batch 1 or 2?
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    Custom TV-out cable

    I don't know how you managed to find those etx connectors, I contacted every supplier I could find with no luck whatsoever. Hahah I even tried to make one from scratch out of desperation, and it ended in complete failure. Count me in!!!
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    Best Nintendo Game Boy Games

    I'll go as far as to say that this is one of the greatest games ever made. I'm not really a zelda fan, but I love this game.
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    We, the RedBarons

    The Red Baron is a phoney. I'm way more diabolical than he is.
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    Soundcard buzzing, LCD lost brightness and flickering

    I didn't see this mentioned, but did you try taking out the battery and putting it back in? What happens when moving the hinge, does the screen flicker? You said you had external speakers plugged into the line-out, right? That's a headphone port, not a line-out although you *could* use it for...
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    A fresh start

    I'm glad you've chosen a forum layout similar to I will be coming here very often, thanks!