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  1. Jey123456

    Running x86 Applications?

    altho im not sure what version of opengl the pyra will support, i had good success running d3d9 games on wine with gpu only supporting opengl 2.2 i do believe most d3d9 instructions can be done on open gl 2 and open gl 3 is mostly needed for d3d10 stuff (which im not sure wine support at all XD)
  2. Jey123456

    Besides gaming, what do you use your pandora for?

    After all those years, i still use my pandora daily. It's so versatile that i never go anywhere without it. - It contain all my iso's used to rescue / reinstalls 90% of machines so it pretty usefull when someone want me to fix their shit XD. - It's my alarm clock thanks to its wtf battery life...
  3. Jey123456

    Hope it's the right decision...

    on the quality comment, i can attest. My pandora is pretty much my oldest still functioning (and still in use daily) tool. I use it to do server maintenance on the go (wherever i have wifi access), quick programming tweaks, video and music player, browser on the go, alarm clock and quite a lot...
  4. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    ah ok, well, either way none of the mouse related export had any impact whatsoever.
  5. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    sadly no luck with the export. Ill have to setup codeblock and have a go at the code i guess. even export SDL_NOMOUSE=1 had no impact, so im starting to think it might not rely on sdl for the mouse input. 
  6. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    haha, yea, i figure ill just somehow hack the mouse to support absolute position. I mean the cursor etc already emulate absolute position using relative so shouldnt be impossible to achieve i hope. Havent looked at the source yet tho. 
  7. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    little problem with the pnd. The save folder is not copied over to appdata, which mean you cant save ingame since the save folder error on write. (i believe people usually use a script to create the directory on the pnd start, same with the cfg file). Also ill have a quick look at the source...
  8. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    mmm, i wonder if theres anyway to use a touchscreen as a touchpad for those scenario. 
  9. Jey123456

    Release Open Notrium

    Am i the only one who has issue with the touchscreen in this port ? I loved notrium and want to play again, but my nub precision is rather horrible. I got used to using touchscreen + left trigger for mouse in those games. 
  10. Jey123456

    Release Diablo

    Thank you notaz, you are a god ! :P I missed diablo I quite a lot, and now that it seem more stable a gave it a go and can now proudly say i have diablo I in my pocket ! XD.  Im so happy that i get an excuse to play it again ! =D
  11. Jey123456

    Release Diablo

    Trying to find my diablo 1 cd back xD.  But if this is ever released in a fully playable state, it will definitly join the list of games i play every day on my pandy =D
  12. Jey123456

    Beautiful landscapes are prettier than portraits

    From what i understand, the chips would only be for the internal display (it happen transparently/can be controlled from software to enable/disable it and essentially "transform" the display the machine see for the main lcd from 720x1280 to 1280x720 transparently (and handle scaling lower...
  13. Jey123456

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    With the latest version from repo (i hadnt updated in a while), mario kart has some weird rendering issue (toad red dots end up as transparent holes for instance). It used to be fine. Performance wise it seem pretty identical to before. 
  14. Jey123456

    Does Any Open Pandora Malware Exist?

    The size and background of the community make it pretty unlikely to have any serious kind of malware on the pandora.  Most (not all thats true, but still a much larger proportion than most other hardware+software platform) are pretty familiar with malwares in general and how to avoid / find...
  15. Jey123456

    [announce] c64_tools (DSP loader and IPC)

    all the pandora sport a dsp, so yes, its for the cc as well
  16. Jey123456

    Release Mupen64Plus 2.2

    its probably usb 1.0. The pandora doesnt have the hardware to support 1.0 directly on the port (usb hub do)  You most likely dont need the powered part of the hub, a passive hub would work just as well (except draining the pandora battery).
  17. Jey123456

    Status Update after 3 years

    quit a few good dos games have seen port on the pandora (that dont need dosbox using opensource remake generally), those i played and can say they work great are star control 2 ( warcraft 1...
  18. Jey123456

    Final preorders, action required

    forgive me if i missed it. i did try to read the whole thing, altho its easy to miss a reply in 16 pages.  What about the people who asked for a refund from the 1ghz preorder list (not the batch 1-2 but the separate preorder for the 1ghz directly). i did not receive any email about it directly...
  19. Jey123456

    Release Dune Dynasty - Classic Dune 2. Modern Controls.

    using the right trigger for right click is great, but left trigger (shift) + click is used for multiselection so the last update broke that part 
  20. Jey123456

    Release Dune Dynasty - Classic Dune 2. Modern Controls.

    ah yea, thx. my nub were set as joystick so i never considered trying it to right click.