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    Gp2x Video Mix In London On Saturday 8th September

    Ahh you play down at Blueprint! nice. Ain't been down that way for a bit, last i went to Blueprint was for DJ Hazard i believe. But i'll try and get down one time and check the gp2x out!
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    Drmd V5 Beta 7 - For The Gp32

    top stuff reesy
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    Drumbox 0.1a

    wow man,!!! great stuff. Great it see it being updated in the future too!!
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    Psx4gp2x W.i.p.

    Cheers hando for posting that quote here. As i dont check that specific thread that often!
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    New Ebook Reader App

    Many thanks Deathterrapin!!!!
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    Deal Or No Deal Game Info

    Sounding all good! Just implement a highscore table for all us old 'highscore' skoolers, and it will be perfect i reckon.
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    Why Slowdown?

    GPH being slow with firmware updates?
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    Is There A Hockey Game Similar To Sensible Soccer?

    EA Hockey, my fav hockey game ever! + Fights!!
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    Cheap 1gig Sd Heads Up (uk)

    £1.69 Recorded £3.69 Next Day
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    Competition News

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    Omg I Cannot Wait Till Monday

    Good luck!!!
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    What Happened To The Gp2x Newsletter?

    Im sure if TelcoLou dude does it, it will by very up to date, plus he's a mod.
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    Gp2x Gpl Faq

    It should be in my opinion.
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    Giga Show English Translation!

    Cheers man! Will check this out now!!!
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    Squidgesnes Source

    Thanks for the source release Squidge!
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    Collection Of Game Ports For Gp2x

    Many thanks!
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    A Few Questions Before I Concidered Buying

    Yep, and alot clearer then the GP32BLU.