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    What An Innovative Design

    I've seen this at least a year ago, too. Can't remember exactly when and where, but i suppose in some forums, like this time.
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    The Effect Of Touchscreens On Console Emulation

    The effect of touchscreens in handheld devices? More and more devices will use touch interfaces, as already mentioned. But i actually don't get your question. -Devices which are not designed for gaming are....what? Not comfartable for gaming? I have an iPod touch but i never ever would use...
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    Your Most Wanted Ported Game On Pandora?

    FreeCiv, too :)
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    Pandora's Design

    First of all: It could be worse ;) But actually it doesn't look like a gaming handheld, more like a computer for primary school for learning how to calculate. Try not to design it so nerdy. I don't know what to change exactly, but it needs something...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Ah, i don't like these Hybrids. Handhelds are for gaming, mp3-players are for music and PDAs are for PDA stuff. I don't like to carry my handheld to listen to music nor would i like to take my handheld to do some serious stuff like calendar, dates, notes, etc. Thats why i never used internet on...
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    Pocketsnes Version 3

    Ahh, then just get a DaveC Joystick Mod ;) But this writing in a text-file for each game is really irrelevant for the SD lifetime. btw: Reesy, thanks for your work on pocketsnes :)
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    Picodrive 1.10

    I sadly don't have my GP2X with me right now, but i would so love to play 3rd World War Thanks :)
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    Mk1 For Sale On Ebay

    A jerk, because more people will see the auction because it's in this category?
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    Oh my god, haven't seen that option, thx :)
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    Hm, I need some help, guys. I ripped my Civ2 CD again, but i can't get it working with the new beta. It used to work in the last public release, but i can't get it to work anymore. I can't remember, how i ripped it the last time. None of my programs can rip .bin or .iso (nero, clonecd, alkohol...
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    Not Allowed To Drink

    I once saw a condom-like thingie you can pull over a beer-can and makes it look like a coke-can. it was for a "survival pack" a friend of mine got, before he was visiting the usa :)
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    Hu6280 Now Has Cdrom Support!

    Crazy shit :) And what about PSP?
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    Hu6280 Now Has Cdrom Support!

    nice :) but what does this psp, gp32, nds...-version coming soon mean? what are your plans for other systems?
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    Hu6280 Now Has Cdrom Support!

    just a question... what does this psp, gp32, nds...-version coming soon mean? what are your plans for other systems?
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    GP2X Gpadvance On The Gp2x

    Tactics Ogre was released in the US as Ogre Battle (snes). Maybe you are talking about Bahamut Lagoon....
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    What Is Telcolou's Avatar Saying?

    Ahh, it's the guru-discussion again? Everyone should accept that every user can be guru. It is meaningless. Just wait, maybe you are the next guru ;)
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    What Is Telcolou's Avatar Saying?

    "What's for tea, Darling?"
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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.4 Released

    This sounds too good to be patient ;)
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    Psx4gp2x Beta Testers Thread

    Can anyone of the betatesters please try out Civilization 2? I would so like to have a portable version of this game and it even ran quite good with the previous releases. Same with Command and Conquer...
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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.2

    Just tried it with R-Type, set it to 266mHz with sound on and as said before, it is not full speed and without sound. But what's even worse: it has no diagonal detection. in R-Type, i just can go up, down, left and right. But no combinitions. Remember that the GP2X can't combine Up+Left (and so...