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    8bit Graphics Editor

    That mtpaint app looks quite snazzy, I've dl'ed that aswell. ThanX again. I'm getting giddy at the thought of actually making something again, yippee!
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    8bit Graphics Editor

    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! It was GraphicsGale I was using before, and I think it might have even been Moogle who recommended it way back when. LA! I should be coding again within a week, thanx again dudes.
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    8bit Graphics Editor

    Hey, Long time no nothing. Anyway, I'm gonna have computer access soon, and was redownloading everything I need for Fenix, but I can't for the life of me remember what the program I was using to make graphics. Anyone got any recommendations for 8bit graphics editors, free ones that is? LA...
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    But you never actually CHOOSE the bonus ball, so there's no point, that's all.
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    Also, what's the point of choosing a bonus ball for you?
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    Looking For A Specific Top Down Shooter

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    Gbax Down For A Couple Days

    No idea, but my website is down at the moment, but it's not my fault. LA!
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    Is Anyone Making A Minigame For The Project?

    I still want to make a minigame, I'm very pressed for time at the moment, but it's still on my list of things to do. What are these profiles? If you're adding separate user profiles, is it really necessary? How many people share their GP32s?
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    Gbax 2005 Reactions & Reflections

    I was going to, but I don't have enough space on my SMC, I don't know what to delete yet.
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    Gbax 2005 Reactions & Reflections

    So far, I've tried fGB32, Minigame Project, Happy Giant and Qwarage (spelling?). Qwarage is obviously not finished, as it is impossible to succesfully play and you can't seem to kill the boss, but I definately look forward to a (more) complete product. I just can't get enough shooting games...
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    About Text And The Write Command...

    This is very interesting and useful info paul55, ThanX. (I'm alive!)
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    GP32 Fenix To Gp32

    Interesting that you shhould say that, I'm sure I've experienced this "memory effect" before. I don't really have any suggestions to help you, but I've been having lots of unexplained problems that don't happen on PC.
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    I tried getting rid of the include files (copy and paste) and it still works perfectly on PC, but I get an error on my GP32 Error de ejecucion en proceso 65545:oPro¦OFFSCREEN "Error in process %d:\nProcedure %d not active\n" LA! I'm gonna try re-installing flamebird, because the same code...
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    Howdy, Yesterday I tried to add a brightness setting to my game, strangely enough, the background stopped working as well as maybe a couple of other things. The first obvious thing to do when new code breaks something is to take it out, which I did, the background still didn't work. Since then...
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    My Gp32 Gets More Playtime Than My Psp

    Xbox for sofa, relaxed emulation, GP32 for on the move emulation.
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    What's So Good About Chrono Trigger?

    The further you get into Chrono Trigger, the better it gets. That's one of only 3 RPGs that I've completed more than once, the others being Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest on gameboy and Final FAntasy 7.
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    Super-japanese Games On Snes And Megadrive

    I have played it a lot and it runs really well in DrMD. It's bloody good too. The Yu Yu Hakusho Tokubetuen (something like that) game on SNES is awesome too.
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    Super-japanese Games On Snes And Megadrive

    SNES: Umi Hara Kawase Sanrio Smash Ball Seiken Densetsu 3 Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension DoReMi Fantasy Tetris Battle Gaiden Super Puyo Puyo 2 (I think 2 is only japanese) Rockman & Forte Romancing Saga 3 Burning Heroes Shanghai 3 Megadrive: Alien Soldier Battle Mania 2 (TS Vintage) Monstania...
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    Tomorrow The Release Of Dlwd Magazine #2

    King of Fighters started in '94.
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    Gbax 2005 Coding Competition Reminder

    It was the PD ROMs shooter competition that had no GP32 entries I believe. I would have entered, but they didn't allow Fenix.