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    Excited As All Hell!

    omg (naw)mcx!!!! i laughed so damn hard at that :D it is now my desktop background
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    Usa Preorderers, Where Do You Live?

    Louisville, KY here!
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    Marketplace For Openpandora Commercial Games And Apps

    i like what foxblock said a few pages back about a file system housing all the apps, but... A more immediate and simpler way to do this would be by another forum subcategory. just call it "APPS" and then it has subcategories which include different genre's of applications, plus a "general" tab...
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    Hello Pandora!

    After lurking for a while around here I decided to join the forums, in celebration of sending an email to to ask about ordering, plus getting a credit card! I was amazed about seeing google checkout, cause i hadn't heard of it. Also i just recently made the jump from...